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Is Sushi Safe to Eat During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy won’t let mom eat what she likes, like Turkey sandwiches, seafood; her unpasteurized glass of brie and Pinot, but is it safe to eat sushi during pregnancy?

FDA Advice

pregnant woman a doctor
Pregnant Woman a Doctor

According to The food and drug administration (FDA); The American University of obstetricians and gynecologists (ACOG) and other important medical authorities.

Because sushi is mostly raw fish, it is likely to contain parasites and bacteria, including Listeria, causing food infections and diseases; And the immune system of an adult woman.

Because it is very weak, it is more sensitive to bacteria and parasites that may be present in raw fish if not treated with fish. The issue of eating sushi during pregnancy has given rise to differing opinions in the past, and those who believe that eating raw fish in a reputable store is a low risk do not seek medical advice or official recommendations for their mothers.

Let’s talk about sushi. “Of course, the quality of the restaurant should guarantee the proper handling of the fish, but it cannot guarantee that it is safe to eat it, “wood said,” the safest for you and your fetus when you live during pregnancy.

Bacteria And Parasites

preparing sushi

In addition, due to concerns about bacteria and parasites, the fish used for tuna, albacore, mechanical tuna, swordfish, needles, etc., is serious, such as brain damage, blindness, and deafness.

This does not mean that All sushi is at the table. Adding some fish to your pregnancy diet applies to all omega-3 fatty acids, provided that the seafood is well cooked. In fact, the FDA has a low mercury content per week. Encourage mothers to eat several servings of fish.

It is, therefore, safe to eat sushi rolls such as tempura during pregnancy, provided that the mercury content is low and cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Make Sure Your Food Is Clean

different kinds of fish
Different Kinds Of Fish

Food safety regulations in shops and restaurants require that raw fish be frozen for at least 24 hours at a minimum temperature of 20 ° C before cooking. Frozen fish kills parasites and can be safely eaten.

Then there is the practice of human resources, there is sushi, etc. Raw fish is frozen in a factory that does not have a supermarket to sell sushi. The same applies to all restaurants that buy ready-made sushi. Even if the restaurant prepares its own sushi, raw fish must be frozen to ensure compliance with safety standards.

If you ask the staff, it’s a fish that freezes and freezes. It’s safe to eat pre-cooked sushi with seafood like crab, shrimp, and eel during pregnancy.

It is also safe to eat vegetarian sushi using ingredients such as boiled eggs and avocado during pregnancy.

Cooking Sushi By Your Own

woman in the kitchen
Woman In The Kitchen

If you cook raw sushi at home with raw fish, freeze it at least four days before using it.

Defrost in the refrigerator and use it as soon as it is completely defrosted. Do not use raw seafood such as scallops or shrimp as they may contain other bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

If you don’t know what you eat sushi during pregnancy, you can get the same nutrients from well-cooked fish and seafood.

Cooked fish is a good source of protein such as iodine and other vitamins and minerals necessary for the development of the fetus.

Fatty fish, such as salmon and sardines, contain long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in the brain processes of the child.

Just make sure you haven’t eaten two weeks or more fatty fish.

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