Kids are wonderful blessings but sometimes you feel so stressed because of them. One of the reasons why you may be stressed is having noisy kids. There may be times when you want to sit back and relax after a tiring workday but you couldn’t do that even when you’re in your house because the kids are just too loud. Or you get embarrassed in public because you have a crying baby on the train or a screaming child in a restaurant. Loud children in public can be a problem especially if they are causing a disturbance in the area.

You may ask, “why are kids so loud?”. You may be struggling to find ways on how to get kids to be quiet. You may start wondering if you are a bad parent or if there’s something wrong with your child. But don’t worry – you are not the only one who feels this way. A lot of parents are also dealing with loud and noisy children. You might be surprised to find out that there are reasons why you should let the kids be loud sometimes.

So how do we handle this situation?

The first thing to do is to think about why kids are loud. There are many reasons why kids make so much noise. First, they may be expressing their feelings – they might feel overjoyed, excited, angry. It is their way of communicating with their parents, caregivers or other people including their playmates. Since they don’t know all the other ways to show their feelings, they just scream, make a lot of noise or cry loudly. These are things that any kid can easily do. Notice how they shout when they’re surprised and very happy, or how they scream when they’re upset. Kids, especially the younger ones who can’t speak a lot of words yet, cry instead when they are hungry or tired or hurt.

Another reason why kids scream is that they might have discovered that it’s a very effective way – and sometimes the only way – to get their parents’ attention. Some parents might be preoccupied to notice that their child needs attention. They may be working or doing household chores or talking to someone on the phone. The child may not have other means to call his or her mommy’s attention so he or she would just scream. And you probably already know this but anyone, not just the parents, would look at the direction where the screams come from.

Kids also tend to be loud because they learned that they can get what they want if they do that. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents who would let the kids have their way once they start to throw tantrums. In this case, parents have to learn how to deal with temper tantrums without giving the kids what they want as this may just reinforce them to use this strategy to have their parents give in to their demands.

So what do we do with loud kids? The answer is let them be loud – but not all the time. If the kids are playing, they tend to scream. It may be a sign that they are happy and excited. When they let their imagination run, they are in their own little world, pretending to be a prince or princess, a hero, a ghost, a monster, a warrior. They scream at their imaginary adversary. They scream when they run or when they are being chased by their friends. They scream after finding out that you’re taking them to an amusement park. They laugh out loud when they hear a funny story or see something hilarious. A child also tends to speak loudly if they are excited to tell you or their friends a story or if they just want to share something amazing that they see or discover.

Moreover, screaming or crying is a way for them to express negative feelings. When a child makes loud noises or screams because he or she is hurt, it’s a natural reaction. Even adults who are in pain sometimes scream. Their screaming is a warning that can help you know when your kid is in pain. They also scream if they are scared. Their loud noises can also let you know if they are in danger. If your child is too tired or upset, sometimes the only way for them to show it is to shout or cry loudly. And while you shouldn’t tolerate their screaming when they’re upset, it’s okay to let them vent out first before calming them.

So if you’re wondering how to get your baby to stop screaming or how to get a child to talk quieter, the answer is to try to understand your child first. Your kid might be trying to express his or her feelings, whether they are happy, excited, scared or hurt. He or she might be trying to tell you something and you are not paying attention. Kids are little human beings; just like adults, they want to be acknowledged or understood, and they need some means to communicate with other people.

Parents who let their child scream aren’t always bad parents; sometimes, they have their own reasons why they let their child do so. But it’s also important to know what to do if your child cannot be quiet. Simply yelling at your kid will not work, and it may even make the situation worse. Positive parenting may help as it focuses on learning from past mistakes and steering away from punishing the kids. Focus on the reason why your child is screaming or crying so that you would know how to deal with him or her. Instill firm discipline without shouting at your kid. Talk to him or her more. Not only will this help your kid develop their communication skills but also strengthen the bond between you two.

Remember that your kids will only be kids for a short time and soon they will grow up. This is why you should let the kids be loud at times. You have to let them express their feelings. You have to let them play and enjoy being a kid. Don’t ever get tired of being a parent. Take a deep breath and keep calm. Share your kids’ happiness, support them, and also be there for them when they need you.

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