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Stand Out With Rustic Baby Names

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When it comes to rustic baby names, it typically brings to mind an earthy, outdoor, nature, Southern countryside aura from various sources.

A close look at recommended rustic baby names

If you are going to think about rustic names, you might picture out winding country roads, golden afternoons and simple pleasures. Let us now take a close look at some of the recommended rustic baby names for an upcoming bundle of joy.


As one of the rustic baby names that are worth considering for a baby girl, Annie is a good choice. The name has English origin which stands for “grace”.

The name is considered as an open and optimistic option, exuding an appeal of a much-awaited sunrise throughout the years in song, film, folklore and comic strip. Annie conjures a pleasant, old-fashioned yet carefree chord that is truly appealing, but it is recommended to consider adding a formal variant on the birth certificate.

Annie remains widely used until today and has been included in the list of Top 20 names back in the 1880s to 1907.


For a baby boy, you might want to consider Ash as one of the recommended rustic baby names. The name has English origin which stands for “ash tree”.

The main feature of this name that makes it appealing is its Southern charm along with the arboreal-nature influence. Your little boy will cherish Ash as the name of the main hero in the Pokémon cartoons.

The name is also used as a shortened form for Ashton, Asher and any other name that includes “ash”.


Belle is a fitting name for an upcoming baby girl. The name has French origin which stands for “beautiful”. This is a lovely name that will surely make your child feel special.

The name boasts positive associations, namely from being the “belle of the ball”, “Southern belle” to the heroine of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. There are a lot of good references for the name and it is no longer surprising that Belle is one of the most familiar and usable names that stands for “beautiful”.

Although the name has been overshadowed by Bella due to the popularity of the Twilight series along with other longer variants such as Annabella or Isabella, Belle continues to be the preferred choice by many parents for its Southern charm and makes an ideal choice as the first or middle name.

In the list of Top 100 names back in the 1880s, Belle was included but was no longer part of it in 1934. Luckily, it made a comeback in the US Top 1000 list for the first time in 80 years in 2016.


This is ideally a boy’s name with English origin that stands for “of the brook”.

Depending on the associations linked with the name, whether it is a surname name, word name or nature name, it leans more on the masculine side than Brook or Brooklyn.

For trendy parents, Brooks might be a good option. The name has been considered as one of the latest waves of stylish English names for boys recently.


In the past, the name was previously given to boys. Recently, it gained popularity as a name for baby girls. The name has English origin which stands for “helpful, pillow”.

It is important to note that the “Cody” trend paved the path for other nickname-y names such as Ruby and Rory as suitable choices for parents out there.


Dixie is a name for girls that exudes Southern charm. This is one of the popular Southern baby names that has Latin origin which stands for “tenth”.

Depending on the persona that this name conveys – a sassy showgirl or a sensible waitress, Dixie can also be counted as a place name in which it serves as a generic term for the American South. The name has reached the #167 rank in the late 1930s. Back in 2007, the name ascended onto the popularity list, making it one of the recommended rustic baby names worth considering.

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