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19 Beautiful & Uncommon Occupational Baby Names

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19 Beautiful & Uncommon Occupational Baby Names

Can you imagine if centuries ago was today and we were known or called as our occupational baby names? Like, oh hey, Alex Attorney! Or, this is my best friend, Mr. Hacker!

In the old days, in little villages around Europe, that is how it was. There were just a few names to pick from, so to know John from another John, people would affix his occupational name at the end. This is John Baker and over there is John Carpenter and we have John Weaver here. Since sons usually borrow their fathers’ jobs, that’s how they go their medieval occupational surnames.

Over the years, people have spread their names, John Baker now works in social media albeit his surname suggests differently. While we no longer need to classify ourselves by our occupations, many of these jobs last names have spanned over with a retaliation into a first-name territory. Cooper, Carter, Spencer, Mason are some of the most famous occupational baby names. 

We must give credit to Jane Hewitt, a professional genealogist, as we now have a whole new depository of old tradesman names to select from. The book that she co-wrote with her spouse, the “Dictionary of Old Occupations”, is an interesting look into the hundreds of occupations she’s seen documented on old records during her career. Some of the job titles that Hewitt has recorded are not name-worthy unless you want your kid to be called Pee-dee, LumSwooper, Knocker-Up, Nimgimmer and yes, they are real job back then.

Vabsters, Shufflers, and Pussers, though, are amongst the occupations that worked as real baby names in the modern world. Continue reading this blog to know more about the list of occupational baby names that suit your style and preference if you want to name your kid after a job. You decide!

  • Cooper

Cooper Union is an education-free college for engineers, artists, and architects in downtown New York.

  • Tyler

Most parents like Tyler as the name of their sons. The occupational name meaning of this is obvious, a “tile maker”. This name became popular in the 1980s and 1990s. The name is short, easy to say and has a cool nickname of Ty. So, what’s not to like?

  • Mason

In its ancient personifications, Mason was a basic occupational name meaning “stoneworker.” At present, this is one of the most hit occupational baby names among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. They even ranked #2 as the most famous boys’ names list in 2011. Mason is a contemporary name for baby boys and girls and has endless forms of spellings such as Maysen, Masyn, Macin).

  • Taylor

The name is a right at the cusp of changing things. What used to be a boy’s tradesman names (ex. Taylor Lautner) is now a girls’ name, well, thank you, Taylor Swift! Therefore, most parents are turning towards the same-sounding Tyler instead. This is a job name that means, a tailor.  

  • Harper

In the 1800s, this name is a boy’s name and Harper earned mainstream recognition when playwright Harper Lee distributed her timeless book “To Kill a Mockingbird”. The name is now increasing in popularity with A-list stars left and right naming their baby girl Harper. This is quite interesting considering it wasn’t even a glitch on the name detector for either gender up until the middle of the 2000s.

  • Lakeland

This is an Anglicized type of Lachlan; the name Lakeland is more likely a word than one of the person’s occupational baby names. Also, you can try Laughlin which is an Irish form or just stick with Lachlan.

  • Sawyer

Sawyer instantly reminds you of the adventuresome and endearing title personality of Mark Twain’s “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.” Or, that often-shirtless guy on TV’s Lost. Whatever the connection, this is amongst the work baby names that hold a calm and humorous appeal. This name is not just for the boys anymore, as the name is increasingly popular among girls as well.

  • Fabiola

Fabiola is fantastic! And while the occupational name meaning isn’t chic which is “Bean grower”. This beautiful name is jam-packed of European charm. It’s diverse with an Italian explosion, and it’s not even popular in the US, which is an advantage if you’re searching for an uncommon name.

  • Shepherd

This is one of the classic occupational baby names that remained its rustic nature and a common last name that’s now fitting as a first name territory. This name will always be linked with sheep, but it’s trendy variation Shepard has moved away from the pastures.

  • Abbott

The Hebrew name has an occupational name meaning “father” and was applied as the word for the head of an abbey. It has some variations as a surname, credit to Bud Abbott of the Abbott and Costello, which makes this name more popular.

  • Paige

A variant of the French son name Page, this has never been an ordinary boy’s first name.

  • Zacharias

This is an aged-school Biblical moniker and is primarily known for its common form which is Zachary. And since Zachary is among the Top 100 of occupational baby names, Zacharias could be a great variation if little Zack is coming.

  • Fae

Fae would be an excellent name to use if you expect your baby having those delicate tiny feet. The name is derived from the Old French and Old English phrases for “fairy,” who are infamous for their heavenly beauty and small feet. This is a short and sweet moniker for a charming girl and she’s creative and outgoing. But, sadly, this baby name won’t give your child wings.

  • Zachary

A constant boy name choice, Zachary is full of history. There are many Zacchaeus’ in the Bible and two of the most famous are a rich tax collector who became a follower of Jesus and the second is, the father of John the Baptist. Also, don’t forget the past president of the US, which is Zachary Taylor. Since the name was crazily popular some time, it’s now facing a sliding trend, and so it might be a great time to use Zachary if you’re eyeing a cool but unique first name for your baby boy.

  • Lacy

Regardless of its feminine and delicate association, this nickname is taken of an intimidating invasion. The name and its variations originated from the Old French family name that was transported to England and Ireland after the Norman invasion. Anyway, it’s an adorable baby name with a moniker feel and has been used as a first name for a long time.

  • Lailoken

This is a name from the Celtic mythos of Scottish aristocrat and madman with visionary capabilities. Lailoken could have been the basis for the role of Merlin

  • Fabio

If you’re considering using this name, maybe you read too many love novels. This is an alluring Italian moniker with deep origins, but Fabio will always be linked with a specific deluxe-haired model.

  • Jack

Back in the day, Jack was used as a nickname for John. It has risen the beanstalk of baby first names to be a quite famous name for boys, especially in the UK. You will never have a problem searching children’s books featuring this name as there are Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack Sprat and Little Jack Horner.

  • Valiant

This name has an occupational name meaning of “brave” since your little boy needs the courage to live with this tradesman names. You can try naming your child, Everett or Conrad for size if you’re gravitating towards this name. 

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