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Teaching Your Kids How to Share Things is Important

It is not at all easy to make them understand how important is to share their stuff. They are often very possessive about their toys and don’t like to share these with other kids, siblings and even with the parents. Their behavior is natural and you should not consider them selfish. They are just being careful, protective and possessive about their things. In order to instill the habit of sharing in them, the conscious and continuous effort is required on the part of parents.

How You Can Teach Your Kid To Share?

The most important and effective way to teach them how to share is illustrating this behavior by your actions. The little minds learn what they see in their surroundings. They observe everything very carefully and have strong picking power. Therefore, you should utilize every opportunity to show them that you share your food and things. It will make them realize that it is okay to give their favorite stuff to others.

For instance, you should share your meal with kids, let them eat from your plate or offer them a bite from the fruit that you are eating and say that ‘your mommy loves to share this tasty banana with you’. Be consistent with such practices and after some time ask them to share their food with you and most probably they will.

They do what they see. So always be kind and courteous and show practical examples of sharing to them.  Ask your older children to share their things with each other so that the little one can also do the same in the attempt of copying them.

Sharing & Rewards

Another important way of teaching them this valuable trait is through appreciation and rewards. Yes, it works well, particularly for the toddlers and younger babies.  Praise them whenever they share their toys/food with other kids. This appreciation would strengthen their positive behavior as every kid likes to be praised and loved. Make it your habit to praise the baby’s every little effort of sharing and try to make him realize that you are very happy because of this behavior. It will boost them to behave in the same manner again and again and ultimately it will become their habit

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Praising Trick

An interesting and smart way of convincing them to share is by praising their toys in front of their friends. For example, you can say ‘Show your friend what a beautiful doll you have’.The baby would love to show her toys and may not want to share. In that case, let it remain with her for a while and when she is busy with some other toy, you may ask again that “would you like your friend to play with your pretty doll for some time?”  There is a possibility that the kid will respond positively.

Last but not least, you can also play a little trick with your little kid. Before the friends arrive for playing with her, let her hide some of her special and favorite toys. Tell her to not share these but then you will have to share all other toys with your friends. It can also work well. This way, the child would easily give other toys to the friends and other kids (the friends) would also get encouragement and share their stuff as well.

Your child cannot learn this value instantly. It will definitely take time. Help them to learn the basics first, which include kindness, generosity, empathy, and love.

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