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Tegu Magnetic Blocks for Your Kids

Tegu Magnetic Blocks for Your Kids

Unlock your child’s imagination with Tegu Magnetic Blocks. These blocks are made of gravity-defying pieces that extend the known capabilities of the traditional wooden blocks. The Tegu magnetic blocks’ target is to maintain the balance and maximizing the building potentials of those young ones in their generation. Children will have ideas of buildings, structures, and foundations if they know how to make magnetic wooden blocks. Tegu is known to be a system of very amazing wood blocks with amazing magnets that are embedded. Some of it also has wooden magnetic tiles around to make it more attractive to the children. 

Tegu magnetic blocks for toddlers support a child’s development through play. Children like to play with toys like Tegu and it is always better to make them discover the creative happiness of playing Tegu Magnetic Blocks. To get more information and know ideas of what Tegu Magnetic block for the toddler is all about, this article will discuss about its information and details. This will help you choose the best Tegu Magnetic blocks for toddlers to play along with its welfare and help in developing your child’s skills.  

Tegu magnetic blocks 

Planning to introduce Tegu Magnetic blocks for toddlers?  Check on these different products of Tegu magnetic blocks that you may want to consider for your kids. This will help them enhance fine motor skills, recognition of patterns, balancing, sense of scale, improving their imagination and problem-solving. Know more about this toy and discover its benefits that you want your child to get. 

1. 42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Sunset  

Let your children enjoy this 42 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set as these were built to foster your child’s curiosity. This magnet’s mystery gives an experience that usually starts with joy and excitement. The first sound of two blocks joined together sparks in a very magical way making your child wonder, what it is all about. These blocks may be simple but for your child, it will look interesting. This Tegu Magnetic block for toddler brings new life to most children.

To make it more interesting for children, they just need to have it safely embedded in each piece. This will make Tegu Blocks are attractive to kids, and even kids at heart. These will defy gravity and could push your child’s imagination in ways they’ve never experienced before. It doesn’t have hard instructions or manuals, it only has toys that aim for imagination and inspire unlimited creativity despite the age and would make them feel addicted to this toy. This set of Tegu magnetic blocks includes 42 blocks that come in 9 shapes and many more. Do not hesitate to buy this for your children. You will never regret the productive result.  

2. 14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints 

This 14 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set is a perfect introduction to the basic and classic collection. Tegu magnetic blocks 14 piece set is calling all characters. It comes with a very unique shape that always clicks together into a moose. It can also form a flying squirrel and perhaps a time machine for a talking dog. These forms are being imagined by your child if they happen to play with it and there are also a lot of forms. It only depends on your child’s creative imagination. Playing these would be boundless as it is a great entry into Tegu’s Magnetic Wooden World. It highly stands for the imagination of children and very free to play. This will surely enhance your children’s creativity and the discovery of years of open-ended fun. 

3. 24 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints

This 24 Piece Tegu Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints builds up a strong base of the 14 piece set and usually expands your child’s building possibilities because of the number of pieces and the additional shape. These Tegu magnetic blocks 24 pieces are very versatile as this set brings all the Tegu collection to a whole new level which enhances the opportunity to play of children. Just like other sets, it will also enhance and enrich a child’s creativity and imagination.

This set includes 24 blocks that come in six shapes. It also has 4 medium columns, 4 planks that are short and 6 long planks, 4 mega planks, 4 cubes and also 2 Parallelograms. This set will brilliantly last as it is a quality toy for children. Don’t worry about its safety because all Tegu Magnetic blocks for toddlers are proven safe to play because it doesn’t have lead, plastic or even small parts that your toddler can swallow.  

4. 130 Piece Tegu Classroom Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints  

This 130 Piece Tegu Classroom Magnetic Wooden Block Set is the original classroom kit. This is truly a set of bulk packs of Tegu magnetic blocks. This is just perfect for schools, or even in the nursery playrooms. It comes with 10 unique block shapes that let your child push their limits when it comes to creativity. It comes with a complete storage box that will surely keep the fun coming on endless hours. It’s also available in 4 great and brilliant colorways that toddlers will be fascinated about. The more magnetic blocks they play the greater creativity they will develop because of the many choices of blocks they can build.


Letting your children experience creativity is one way of preparing them for greater and bigger challenges. These Tegu Magnetic blocks for toddlers are a very clever way to prepare your child. However, there are still so many ways out there, but this one is unique and effective. Over time, they will develop capabilities that normal children don’t have. Just make sure the products you buy are original and made up of very high-quality blocks. But rest assured that all Tegu products are made from tough wood that is coated with non-toxic water-based finishes. In the end, we only want the best for our children. Start them young and see results later on that you will never regret every Tegu product is thoughtfully designed for years to play. 

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