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The 46 Most Artsy Scandinavian Names for Babies

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Scandinavian is contained five most described countries including Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland.

It is a chronicled and geological territory covering a lot of Northern Europe and Scandinavia related to winter sports and fjords: countries controlled by tall, statuesque blondes and Vikings.

Here Is a Well-picked Once-over Of Scandinavian Names Of Young Men And Young Ladies You Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

  • Carson: A Scottish descendant name.
  • Eric: Eternal ruler.
  • Finn: A fair person.
  • Gunner: Bold warrior.
  • Jakob: Holder of the heel.
  • Kristian: In other words: Christian.
  • Odin: Daffodil yellow flowers.
  • Oscar: Noorali the brightness of Ali.
  • Aaren: It means a high mountain.
  •  Anker: It means strong and very brave.
  •  Alrik: It means a noble, gracious universal ruler.
  •  Ansfrid: It means the protection from God.
  •  Astor: Hawk and thunder.
  •  Axill: The one who spread peace.
  •  Aymer: A noble and generous human being.
  •  Bertelot: A man who is light and bright.
  •  Brage: Shining king.
  •  Britt: Strength.
  •  Burr: A beautiful youth.
  •  Edzard: Strong edge.
  •  Adolf: It means a noble wolf.
  •  Birger: Rescuer.
  •  Edvard: Guardian of wellness.
  •  Frode: Wise.
  •  Herleif:  Army descendant.
  •  Jarl: Nobleman.
  •  Rasmus: Beloved.
  •  Sigmund: Victory protection.
  •  Stefan: Crown.
  •  Vidar: Forest warrior.
  •  Vilmar: Desires fame.
  •  Yngvar: Warrior.
  •  Anitra: Favor; grace.
  •  Brita: Exalted one.
  •  Asta: Divine beauty.
  •  Cathrine: Pure.
  •  Dahlia: Elegance and Dignity.
  •  Gyda: God is gorgeous.
  •  Helga: Divine woman.
  •  Ingrid: Beautiful goddess.
  •  Katharina: Pure.
  •  Klara: Clear, bright.
  •  Leticia: Happiness.
  •  Liva: Life.
  •  Eydis: Goddess of good luck.
  •  Asva: It means being quick and swift.

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