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The Best Baby Girl Names (With Cute Nicknames!)

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When I was pregnant with my first child, I looked for the name of a cute nickname girl.

Keeping a name, you don’t like is not what we want her to feel like in the future when she grows up. As a result, this was the reason why we gave her the ability to have multiple choices.

Bearing in mind these countless options of names, our daughters are so satisfied with the names we have chosen for them. Anyway, you can share the list of girl names and cute nicknames, which will help to reduce the search.

Baby Names With Cute Names

Baby Girl Names That Start With A:

Abigail: (Abi, Abi, Gayle, Gail) – Hebrew for ” the joy of the father, or give pleasure”

Adry: (Addy) – English for “reasonable”

Addy: (Addy) – French for “nobility”

Allison: (ally, Ant, ally) – French for aristocrats”

Alex: (Alex, Ali, allies)-Greece for “defender of humanity”

Amelia: (Amy, Mia, Leah, Millie) – German for “work”

Amberley: (Amber) – Arabian for “stone of petrified resin quality”

Annalee: (Anna, Anne) – English Grace, Meadow”

Anastasia: (Stacy, Stacy, Tania, Anastasia, Anna)-Greek for “resurrection”

Arielle (Auri, Elle)-meaning”gold” in Latin”

Aurelia: (Ley, Eli, Leah) – Latin for ” Golden”

Baby Girl Names That Start With B

Brianna: (Bri, Anna, Anne)-“high, noble, strong, for English”

Bethany: (Annie, Betty, Beth, Effie, Bethel) – Greek for “House of mourning”

Blakelee: (read, read) – “clear the dark forest” for English”

Brynhley: (English: “brynh, Lee, Lee”) is a former English-language actress.”

Baby Girl Names That Start With C

Charlotte: (Charlie, Laura, Lotte)-French “petite”

Caroline: (Carrie, Carra, Carol) – English for “joy”

Camilla: (Camilla, Camilla, Camry, Camry)- ” free, Noble,”

Cadence: (caddie, Cade, Rated) – English for the rhythmic flow of sound”

Coralline: (Cola, coral, Corey)-English for coral semi-Guiyang ocean”

Charlotte: (Charlie, Charles, Laura, Lottie)-French for “the man of the woman”

Christina: (Christi, Tina, Krista, Kristina)-Latin for “the disciples of Christ”

Camryn:(Cami, Cam, Cammy, Ry) – scotch for nose curves”

Carleen: (Carly Lee) – German for men”

Baby Girl Names That Start With D

Delilah: (Lyra, Lilah, Ly)- ” loving, joy for Hebrew”

Daniel: (Danny, Nany, Ela)” In Hebrew for “God my Judge”-

Destiny: (Desi, Desi, Desi) – “defined state for English, destination”

Danica: (Danny, Danny, Niki, Nica): a Hebrew or Slavic Morning Star”

Desiree: (Des, Desi, Dez, Rae, Dezi) – for French “very desired”

Baby Girl Names That Start With E

Eleanor: (Ellen, Nora, Anne, Elle, Nori, Nehru) – “sunlight, bright light” for the Greek”

Elizabeth: (Lisa, Lyssie, Lizzy, Lisa, Betty, Libby) – Hebrew through the Greek ” my God is Ede”

Emilia: (Emmy, RIA, Emma, Millie) – Latin for “rival”

Elaina: (Lana, Elaine, Lainie, Elle, Ella, Laine)-French for bright light”

Emmalyn: (Emma, Emmy, Lyn, Aly) – French for a peaceful and hardworking home”

Elaine (Lainey, Ellie, Laine) is a Greek word meaning “sun or bright light”.

Evelyn: (Yves, Lin, Eva, Evie)-“English for Hope, light, hazelnuts”

Baby Girl Names That Start With F

Farin: (FAE, Lynn, Erin) – English for the lake fairy”

Francesca: (Franco, Frankie, Ceska, Francine)-Latin for “free”

Felicia: (El, Lissy, Fia, Ellie, Lisia) – in Latin, “delighted”

Florence: (Laura, flowers, flows, Flores) – English, which means ” blooming”

Baby Girl Names That Start With G

Gracie: (Grace, Gray, Rae) – Latin for “inspired by Grace”

Gabriel: (Gabby, Gabby, Ellie, Lily, Bell) – French for “the wife of God”

Geneva evève: (Jenna, Ginny, Jemma, gemstones, Viv, Gina, Geneva, John ginger)-Celt, for, waves, White”

Gracelyn: (Grace, Lynn, Erin, Ray)”

Gwendoline: (Gwen, Winnie, Wendy, Lin) – Wales for the fair”, injured”

Geneva: (Gwen, Eva, Gia, Fe, Winnie, Ginny, Vi) – Wales for white shadow, White Wave “

Baby Girl Names That Start With H

Hannah: (honey, Han, Anne, Anna) — “please, grace, for English,”

Elena: (Lena, Lenny, Ronnie, Nelly)-Greek for “bright and bright light”

Hillary: (Hill, hilly) – Latin for ” cheerful, cheerful”

Hollie: (hole, Olly) – English for holly trees”

Henrietta: (Etta, Ettie, Hattie, hatsie), “the keeper of the house” for the French”

Baby Girl Names That Start With I

Isabella: (Izzy, Isai, Bella, Bella) – Hebrew means “promised to God.”

Ivanna: (Iva, Vana) is the Czech-Slovak version of “the female version of Ivan”, which means the gift of God.”

Imogen: (Mo, Genny, Gen, Monny) – English, maybe”maid” or”girl for some unknown reason”

Ivette: (Ivy, Eve, Ivee) – French for”taxes”

Baby Girl Names That Start With J

Josephine: (Jo, Josie, JoJo, Fifi) – “the moon” for the French”

Jacquelyn: (Jackie,Lyn,Jan,Jacee) – French for”personifier” “

Jasmine: (Jasmine, Meena, Jazz, Minnie) – a gift of the Persian god”

Juliana: (Julie, Jules, Juju, Anna)-Latin for “young”

Juliet (Julie, Joule, Etta, Jetta), French for “young”

Jaylee (Jay, Lee, Jalo)-American-unknown meaning (the name is quite modern)

Jennifer: (Jen, Jenny, Jenna) is the legendary name of King Arthur.”

Joanna: (Joanna, Hannah, Joe, Joni, Josie) – the Hebrew ” God of good”

Jessica: (Jess, Jessie) – the Hebrew word for”rich” or”God is considering”

Cadence: (Caddy, Quay) – Latin for”pace””

Baby Girl Names That Start With K

Katherine: (Kate, Kath, Kate, Kathy, Katie)-English for “pure”

Kimberly: (Kim, Kim, Kimber, Kiki, Kay)-“out of the Royal Forest” for English”

Kaitlin: (Kait, Kat, Katy, Kay, Lynn)- ” pure for Irish”

Kristen: (Kris, Kris,Kiki,Christy) – “Christ’s follower” for English”

Kathleen: (cat, Kathy, Lee, Kiki, Kate, cat)-“clean, clean for French”

Kendall: (Dolly, Kenny, Kay, doll) – English for the Royal Valley”

Baby Girl Names That Start With L

Leila: (Ley, Laura) – Arabic for “night”

Liliana: (Lili,Lilla, Ana,Lillo,Wol) – Spanish for ” Lili”

Lydia: (lyudi, Lydi,Lyli, Leah) is a Greek word for spirituality “associated with good.”

Luciana: (Lucia, Ana, Lulu, Lucida) – Latin for ” light”

Liana: (lirian, Ana)-French for “climbing as Liana”

Lorelei: (Lori, Lola, Lory) – German for “enchanting “or” enchanting”

Laurel: (Laurel, Laura, Lilla, aura)-Latin for the laurel tree “

Leilani: (Leila, Lani, Lee) – Hawaii for “heaven flowers”

Lorraine: (Lorraine, lane, Laura)-French ‘Kingdom of Lorraine “

Baby Girl Names That Start With M

Margaret: (Maggie, Maggie, Maggie)-Greek for “Pearl”

Makaira: (IRA, Keira,Kayla,Mikey,Kay) – Hebrew for “who is God?”

Michelle: (Shelly, Chelle,Mich,MOCA,Elle, ella) – French for “the gift of God”

Melissa: (Lisa, Lisa,Mel,Mellie, Missy) – Greek for “Bee”

Latina for respectable.”

Madeline: (Maddy,Maddy,Lynn,Ada, Adi) is Latin for “Magdalena” (quoting Mary Magdalene from the Bible).)

Mckenez: (Kent, Mack, Scotland)(Gaelic) for “attractions”

Melanie: (Mel, Lani, Annie, Ann, Mary) – ” Dark”

Baby Girl Names That Start With N

Natasha: (Natasha, Nattie, Tasha)-born for Christmas “for English”

Noel: (Noe, El,Elli, Ella) – French for “birthday””

Nadia: (Nani, Nada,Naya) – Spanish for”Esperanza””

Natalie: (Natalie, Natalie,Netty,tally,tally) – Latin for “birthday” “

Natalia: (Natalia, natati,RIA,Tari) – Latin for “Born on Christmas”””

Nikita: (Nick, kita,Niki, kita) – Greek for “victory over the people”

Nicol: (Nicol, Niki, Nika, Nick, Colette),-French for “people’s victory”

Nadine: (Nadi,Nads, Di) – ” hope for French”

Baby Girl Names That Start With O

Olivia: (Livia, Livy,Livy, Olly) – Latin for “olive”

Odessa: (Essa-dessa,Odyssey, Ada) – “outrage” for the Greek”

Ophelia: (effey, Feria, Ohio, Feria)-Greek for ‘aid'”

Octavia: (Ava, Avie,Avia,TAV,Tavi) – Latin for “Born in the eighth””

Oliana: (Ora,Orri,Orrie) – “dawn “for the Latin “gold” for the Italian”

Baby Girl Names That Start With P

Penelope: (Nell, poppy,Pippa, Laura, Penny) is Greek, meaning “weaver”.

Paisley: (Pai, Paisy, Pais) ” Scotland means”church, cemetery”-

Payton: (pay, pay) – English for farm fighters”

Phoebe: (fairy, Pheebs) – for the Greek” brilliant and brilliant.”

Paulina: (Pauli, Paulie, polls, Lina) – Latin for “small”

Prudence: (Pru) – Latin for “good judgment” “

Baby Girl Names That Start With Q

Quincey: (Quinn,Cy) – five minutes for English”

Baby Girl Names That Start With R

Rebecca: (Becky,Becca,Becky)”join in Hebrew”, tie, cheat”

Rachel: (Rache, Ley, Lei, Rache,Chere,Cherie) – Hebrew for “sheep, sheep”

Rene:  (Rene, Renee) – French for ” reborn”

Rosemary: (ro, Romy, Rosa, Rosie) – Latin for “sea dew”

Ramona:  (Nona, Mona) – Spanish for “the defenseless Sabio”

Rosalie: (Rose, Rosie, Surrey) is a derivative of Rosalie meaning”rose” in Latin.”

Rachel: (Chelle, Sherry) – French for Lamb”

Rosanna: (Laurie, Rose, Rosie, Annie, Anna)-English for “Rose of grace”

Baby Girl Names That Start With S

Sofia: (Fifi, Phia, Posey, Soph)-Greek for “wisdom, wisdom”

Scarlet: (Letty, Letta) – English fora man selling clothes of scarlet color”

Skylarµ: (Sky) – Dutch for “science”

Stephanie:  (step, Steph, Annie, Ann)-Greek for “the crown of victory”

Sabrina: (BRI, brina, Saba, Saba) – Septic from the river Sevan”

Samantha: (Sam, Sammy, Mandy) – Aramaic language for “listeners”

Savannah: (Sabah, Anna, Vanna) – Spanish for “plain without wood”

Baby Girl Names That Start With T

Terri: (Tessa, Tess,Terry)

Tess: (terry, Tessa, terrie) it is a diminutive of Theresa of Esther

Tasha: (tis) given to girls born on Christmas.

Tamara: (tammy, Tami, Tammie) in Russian, it means the palm tree

Tempest: (stormy) which means a violent windy storm.

Baby Girl Names That Start With U

Usha:(Usha, Ushu) In French it means a little bear

Ulyana: (ulya, lya, lulu,ula, ullu) Teutonic and it means a universal ruler

Undine: (deenie, ondina, ondine, ondyne, unnie, undeen) In Egyptian it means a little mother.

Uri: (Uriel, turi) In Latin I means Urban, lives in and belongs to the city; implies sophistication.

Baby Girl Names That Start With V

Veronica:( verona , veranica, verhonica, veronike) Latin  which means “she who brings victory”

Vivian:( vivi, bibi, vee,vi, viv) from Latin , and it means ‘lively’

Violet: (vi ,lottie) from Latin origin, which means ‘ purple ‘

Venus:( viv, vee ,ven ,veen,vy, vivi) from Roman origin and it means ‘desire’ ( from the word origin’wenos’)

Vera: ( verita, vee ,vi) originated from the Russian Vjera which means ‘faith’

Vania: ( van ,vann) from a Russian origin , which means ‘ Godis gracious’

Verna: (ven ,vana, ver)  originated from Latin and it means ‘ springtime’

Baby Girl Names That Start With W

Winnie: (win ,nini, winy) it is originated from a Welsh origin and it means “ soft and delicate’

Wanda: ( wandy , wonda, wandah ,wandie) From Germanic root and it refers to an old member of the salvic people who live now in the south of berlin.

Willa: (willy, willie, willow, will) it is originated from a German root and it means ‘resolute protection’

Wilma: (willy, willima, wil) from a German root and it is seen as an old lady’s name.

Westlyn: (willy, west) it is originated from a western cottage

Baby Girl Names That Start With X

Xabrina: (brina) it is a different name of the origin name Sabrina.

Xylona: (lona) it is from a Greek origin and it means “ woods”

Xenia: (xena, xeena, xenia) it is originated from a Greek root and it refers to “the guest”

Baby Girl Names That Start With Y

Yasmin: (yasmina , mina , yazzy,yazz) and it is from a turkey origin and it refers to « a kind of flower ‘ Yasmin flower’ »

Yara: ( yaryoyra, yoyo, rouro,yaya) it is originated from a Brazilian origin and it means ‘ a small butterfly”

Ysabel: (ysa, yay, yssi,belle,bella) it is originated from a Hebrew root and it refers to “Lord’s promise”

Yulia: (yula ,yu, yulshik, yulenka) it is originated from Russian root and it means “ youthful”

Yana: (yoyo, yaya, nana) it is from a Hebrew origin and it refers to « he answers »

Baby Girl Names That Start With Z

Zoe:  (zoya zizo) it is from a Greek decent and it simply means “life”

Zelda: (zizy,zily) it is originated from the old German and it refers to “happy or satisfied”

Ziya: (zouzou, Z) and it is originated from the Islamic and Arabic world and it means “glow”

Zola: (zo,Zoey, zozo) it is originated from Latin and it means “earth”

Zahara: (Zara, Zaza, zazzy) it is originated from an Arabic decent and it means “flower”

Zaina: (zizzy, Zaza) and it is originated from Arabic and it refers to “beauty” and “grace”

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