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The Best French Baby Boy Names with Meanings

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Did you know that what names you give to your little one reveals more about your personality as a parent? However, all parents are different when it comes to giving names to their babies. Some couples would combine their names together to form a new name of their little one, while others would base it from their favorite celebrity,  family significance, and popularity.

Some parents look beyond their home place to see what names in other countries would fit their baby. One of the most popular countries is France. So whether you are a Francophile or just would like to give your baby a French name, you may want to take a look at these 100 famous French baby boy names with meanings.

  1. Hugo – intelligence
  2. Jade – thankful
  3. Adam – earth
  4. Raphael – God is a healer
  5. Abel – Vanity
  6. Agathon – good
  7. Alger – Old English
  8. Almund – Noble protector
  9. Aluin – wise friend
  10. Amelot – Arthur’s castle
  11. Apostol – a serious man
  12. Armand – a soldier
  13. Austin – great person
  14. Baltasar – protected by God
  15. Balzac – the name of a French writer
  16. Barbaros – fierce
  17. Bardon – singer-poet
  18. Bartolome – farmer’s son
  19. Basilios – royal
  20. Basse – wild boar
  21. Bastien – respected person
  22. Bayley – steward
  23. Bellinor – dark person
  24. Bemelle – strong as a bear
  25. Benedictus – blessed
  26. Beni – blessed
  27. Benjie – right-hand son
  28. Bensen – be diligent
  29. Beomann – beekeeper
  30. Sage – wise
  31. Mason – stoneworker
  32. Adrien – dark
  33. Albert – noble
  34. Andre – manly
  35. Beau – handsome
  36. Bruce – woods
  37. Byron – from the cottage
  38. Christophe – Child bearer
  39. Coyan – modest
  40. Danton – worthy of praise
  41. Dean – leader
  42. Denis – god of wine
  43. Francois – free
  44. Gaspar – treasurer
  45. Henri – ruler of the home
  46. Jules – youthful
  47. Lowell – beloved
  48. Rene – reborn
  49. Tyson – firebrand
  50. William – protector
  51. Chapin – scholar
  52. Ethan – strong
  53. Leo – lion
  54. Lucas – a person who gives light
  55. Bernt – brave
  56. Bijou – jewel
  57. Blanco – fair or white
  58. Blayne – slender
  59. Cabott – sailor
  60. Carolos – powerful
  61. Chance – good fortune
  62. Darel – lovely
  63. Darl – beloved person
  64. Delroy – born of the king
  65. Deor – a golden one
  66. Dilan – healthy
  67. Dodger – capable
  68. Dougray – well-behaved
  69. Dru – a warrior
  70. Duran – firm and enduring
  71. Eloi – brave warrior
  72. Emeril – a powerful leader
  73. Esprit – spirit
  74. Fidele – a faithful person
  75. Gabriell – the heroine of God
  76. Garen – guardian
  77. Harbin – glorious warrior
  78. Jourdaine – creative
  79. Jovan – intelligent, sensitive
  80. Karel – masculine
  81. Lamar – belonging to the sea
  82. Lancelin – servant
  83. Landy – ruler
  84. Leeroy – The King
  85. Lenard – has the blood of the lion
  86. Louie – Knight warrior
  87. Luno – moon
  88. Mallon – very pleasant
  89. Marlon – falcon
  90. Maurin – dark-haired
  91. Michel – the messenger of God
  92. Nellie – extraordinary
  93. Noe – harmony
  94. Odil – always on the right path
  95. Orvel – golden and shining
  96. Paget – appreciated
  97. Pepin – awe-inspiring
  98. Philibert – passionate lover
  99. Pierse – very strong
  100. Richer – one with great power and wealth

Some of the names above originated from France, while others are just popular in many French people but have been adopted from other cultures such as Italy, German, English and many more.

Things to consider when choosing a name for your baby boy

Yes, we agree that choosing a name for your baby can be overwhelming. There are a lot of possibilities coming into your mind and it is also likely that your family, relatives, and friends will also have their suggestions. You really don’t have to dwell on the issue of what name should be given to your child. What’s important is to pick a name that you love for your baby.

Your child will grow with the name you picked for him. To help your deciding game a lot easier, here are the essential points to consider:

Think about how the name will sound.

Make sure that the name you choose will sound nice when pronounced. Also, it should go well with your last name. Avoid choosing a name that will put your child into awkward situations.

Give significance to your baby’s name.

With modern technology nowadays, it is indeed easy to research a name for your baby. Nevertheless, it is also best to choose a name which has significance to you, your family, and your life. Someday, when they grow up, they will be asked on the significance of their name and it would be great if they can answer it with confidence.

Go for a name suitable for all ages.

Always pick a name that would go well when your child applies for a job or presenting a proposal to a client. Imagine your child as an adult and you won’t want his name to sound sickening or disgusting.


It is always a challenge to find a unique name for your child, yet most parents want a name that is unusual and will make their child stand out among others. But there can be times when your child will be put into embarrassing situations as their name will be mispronounced and subjected to corrections.

Ask yourself, “Do you like saying the name?”

Before giving the name, say your child’s name many times and ask yourself if you like it. Pick a name you love and enjoy saying over and over again. As a parent, you’ll be saying your child’s name a lot.

Does your partner agree with the name you are choosing?

Disagreements about a baby’s name between the couples are normal. So it is suggested that let one parent decide and the other parent decides on other things.

From spelling and uniqueness to popularity and meaning, couples find it tough to choose the best name for their baby as there are a number of factors to consider. Experts say that giving a name to a child is like giving a gift that aims to provide enjoyment and functionality to the receiver.

So, parents, just like giving any present, you’ll want to give your child a name that will make him comfortable and proud as he grows and lives on his own. The above are just suggestions and the decision is still up to you. After all, you know what’s best and right for your little one.

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