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Top Choices of Unusual Boy Names You Consider to Name Your Little One

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Top Choices of Unusual Boy Names You Consider to Name Your Little One

The best part of having a newborn baby is when looking for the perfect name. You will be finding inspiration to create the perfect name you want to call your baby. Today, when you use the magical search box of Google, it can give thousands of names that you can choose from.

Picking a name for the little one is one of the most important decisions. Once the name marks in the birth certificates, it may be difficult to change. Changes of names can be expensive and tedious. Moreover, deciding what name to give will also mark the identity of your child.

If you will be having a baby boy, this article is sorting some top choices of unusual boy names that you can consider for your little one.

Aberforth It means “Gaelic” or the mouth of the river. It is the name of Dumbledore’s younger brother in J.K. Rowling’s ‘Harry Potter’ series.
Abner It means the “father of light.” Abner, the name of the commander of Saul’s army mentioned in the Christian bible.
Acacio In Greek, it means ‘thorny tree’ or ‘honorable’. Although it is one of the unusual boy names, it now widely used in Spain.
Adelard It is French or German name with a meaning that says ‘brave’ or ‘noble.’ In nineteenth-century, most parents in Canada use the name for their boy children.
Adelbert It originates from the name Adalberto, the Old German form of Albert. It becomes unpopular in the nineteenth century when it became a familiar name around Germany.
Adetokundo In Greek, it is Yoruba which means ‘the crown came from over the sea
Aditya In Sanskrit, it means ‘belonging to the sun.’ In Hindi, Aditya says ‘sun god.’ Aditya is the offspring of Aditi, the mother of the Gods
Adlai Hebrew, meaning ‘God is just.’
Agamemnon In Greek, he is the ‘leader of the assembly.’ In Greek mythology, he commanded the Greeks during the attack of Troy
Aidric In Old English, it means ‘oaken.’ In the ninth century, St. Aidric became the bishop and court diplomat.
Airyck It’s an old Norse from the name Eric which means ‘eternal ruler
Baden In German, it means ‘battle.’ Baden is Also a city in Switzerland known for its hot springs
Bannon The Irish meaning is ‘descendant of O’Banain.’ It is also a river in Wales
Baruch In Hebrew, it means ‘blessed.’ In Jewish, it means blessing
Beckett An Old English term that means a ‘beehive’ or ‘bee cottage.’ It is also associated with the famous Irish writer Samuel Beckett
Birch Old English, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining
Boden From the name Bodie in Scandinavian, that means ‘shelter.’ In some translations, Boden means ‘messenger’
Bolivar In Spanish, it means ‘the bank of the river.’ Simón Bolívar was a leader in Latin America who struggled to take independence from Spain. In Venezuela, the bolívar is their currency
Bryden One of the Unusual boy names in Irish which means the ‘strong one.’
Cade Caden in English which means ‘round, lumpy.’ It is a character in the novel “Gone With The Wind.”
Cairo Egypt’s capital city. It is located near Giza, the home of the great pyramids
Cappy Italian, meaning ‘lucky.’ A nickname for someone with the rank of Captain
Chilton Chillron, Chilly, Chilt. In English, it means ‘tranquil’
Corbett It means a ‘young crow.’
Covey English, meaning ‘flock of birds
Dashiell A French term that means ‘page boy.’ Associated with Dashiell Hammett was an American author, famous for hard-boiled detective fiction.
Dason Native American, meaning ‘chief.’
Dedric Old English, meaning ‘gifted ruler.’
Denham meaning ‘valley settlement.’
Dilbert English, meaning ‘day bright.’ The name became famous because of the American comic strip.
Dirk Means ‘power of the tribe’.
Elam In Hebrew, it means ‘eternal.’ Elam is mentioned in the Bible, the son of Shem, and son of Noah.
Eldred The Old English term is Eldridge which means ‘old venerable counsel.’
Eneco A Spanish term that means a ‘fiery one.’
Errol The English meaning is ‘boar wolf.’
Ewald Alternate for Ewan, Ewen, and Ewell. The Old English name of Owen which means ‘well-born’ or ‘noble.’ The actor Ewan McGregor is known for his roles in Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge and Star Wars.
Fitzroy In English, it means ‘the king’s son.’ One of the unusual boy names that are associated with Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy, the one who accompanied Charles Darwin on his famous voyages.
Fergus Meaning ‘supreme man’.
Gower A place in Welsh coast in the Bristol Channel.
Grey “Grey” may sound a little peculiar, but it is a cool alternative to more famous names. It is commonly used as a middle name but has been to be used as a first name for boys or girls.
Gunther In German, it means a ‘warrior.’
Hamid In Arabic, it means ‘praiseworthy.’
Harmon Old German word which means a ‘soldier.’
Heathcliff English, meaning ‘cliff near a heath.’ Made famous by Emily Brontë’s novel Wuthering Heights.
Hobart English, meaning ‘bright and shining intellect.’
Hyrum Alternate of Hyram in Hebrew that means an ‘exalted brother.’
Igor Russian or Norse origin that means a ‘warrior.’
Iovianno Native American term that means a ‘yellow hawk.’
Jeriah Hebrew, meaning ‘Jehovah has seen’.
Jolyon English term that means ‘young.’ Associated to One a popular character in the ‘Tintin’ comic series is Jolyon Wagg
Kahekili Hawaiian, meaning ‘the thunder.’
Keeler meaning ‘beautiful and graceful.’
Kyros Greek meaning is ‘legitimate power.’
Kohana Japanese, meaning ‘little flower.’
Lalit In Hindu, it means ‘beautiful.’ The Lalit is one of the melodic facets of Indian classical music.
Laszlo Hungarian, meaning ‘glorious rule’
Lorcan meaning ‘little fierce one.’
Maddox English term that means  ‘good’ or ‘generous.’ Derived from Madoc, a legendary Welsh Prince who supposedly discovered America years before Columbus claim.
Merton Old English, meaning ‘town by the lake.’
Miro meaning ‘peace.’
Mordecai Hebrew name in the Bible that means a ‘little man.’
Najee Arabic, meaning ‘dear companion.’
Nephi Greek, meaning ‘cloud.’
Norval French, meaning ‘Northern town.’
Oleg Russian word that means ‘holy.’ Oleg the Seer was a Grand Prince of Russia’, who ruled large parts of eastern Europe in the tenth century.
Ovid Latin, meaning ‘sheep.’
Phineas Hebrew, meaning ‘oracle’ and an ancient Greek king of Thrace.
Ptolemy Greek, meaning ‘aggressive’ or ‘warlike.’
Qabil Quabil Arabic, meaning ‘able.’
Raz Hebrew, meaning ‘secret’ or ‘mystery.’
Ryker meaning ‘powerful leader.’
Sipho African, meaning ‘the unknown one.’
Skipper English term that means ship captain.’
Stavros Greek, meaning ‘cross.’
Tacitus Ancient Roman historian and senator. In Latin, it means ‘silent and calm.’
Tarek Arabic, meaning ‘to strike.’
Torin meaning ‘chief.’
Varro Latin, meaning ‘strong.’
Vernell French, meaning ‘green and flourishing.’
Vivek Indian, meaning ‘wisdom.’
Tahir Spanish, meaning ‘handsome one.’
Yuri Aboriginal, meaning ‘to hear.’ In Japanese it means ‘one to listen,’ in Russia it is a form of George, meaning ‘farmer.’
Zaire African, meaning ‘river.’
Zarek Persian term meaning ‘God protect our king.’

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