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The Best Quality Toddler Bed Rails

Toddler bed rails are invented not to give an added expense but it serves as an added protection to avoid accidents while your child is asleep. How do we know if the bed rail purchased is worth it? With so many products on the market that claim they are the best, it is really confusing the one that would really be effective. In this article, we’ll give you the top choices for the best toddler bed rails may it be a traditional or a newer version of bed rails that will guide your child’s sleep.

Regalo Swing Down Bedrail

This Regalo convertible swing down crib rail is a well-known brand for parents because it is built with its durability that can be used for a long time. It can be set-up easily without the need for any tool. This bed rail is not only suitable for toddler’s bed but it can be used in a regular mattress or a guard rail for queen bed. The main topper is made from a nylon fabric that you can remove to clean or wash in a washing machine. The body of the rail is made from pure steel to ensure its sturdiness. This Regalo swings down bed rail is 43-inch long and a 20-inch tall. 

This one-sided bed rail features a patented swing down to pivot down the bedrail if you are to change the bedsheets and if it is not in use. This bed rail serves as a safe and strong barrier that avoids your child falling while sleeping. It is equipped with an anchoring strap to ensure that the bed rail is securely attached to the bed. Aside from the anchoring strap, it has a patented Gap Guard system that is equipped with two braces that tightly holds the bed rail so that it won’t fall off easily whether you would swing it up or swing it down.

Regalo Hide Away Double Sided Bed Rail

This is another bed rail from Regalo but it is a double-sided one that is perfect if the bed is situated in the middle part of the room. It consists of a mechanism which is the Glide Trac system so that it can be folded and tucked between the mattress and the box spring it also allowed this bed rail to easily slide below the mattress when not in use. This next bed rail is also from Regalo, however, this is a double-sided option with a mechanism that allows the rail to slide underneath the mattress when not in use. 

It measures 43″ long with a height of 18″ tall so whatever the height of your child is, he will surely be secured. It fits well a toddler-sized bed as well as adult-sized mattresses but with a box spring only. You can also do a bed with rails for seniors using Regalo double-sided rails making it the best bed rails for adults as well. It is equipped with a fabric that is mesh nylon that can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth. It is equipped with straps to keep the bed rail securely in place.

Munchkin Sleep Bed Rail

This bed rail for toddlers serves as a tall barrier that keeps your child protected. The use of this bed rail is helpful for parents who want to train their children to get in and out of the bed on their own without maximum guidance. It can be assembled easily by just sliding it between the box spring and mattress. If this bed rail is no longer used, you can just push a button so it folds lay flat against the bed if your child can sleep independently without it. This safety bed rail is made from aluminum so you can be sure that it will last long. 

It measures 36″ in width and 18″ height. This bed rail comes in a variety of colors that will match your child’s room such as aqua blue, pink, lime green, and grey. It has a sturdy safety strap that provides excellent security that will secure the gap between the mattress and the bed rail. It can just be assembled in minutes and can be cleaned easily so as to extend its use until the next generations.

Hiccapop Toddler Foam Safety Bumper

This is a perfect barrier for toddlers who don’t like tall railings because this is a bumper like a big pillow situated on the sides of the bed that will also serve as a railing so that the child will be prevented from falling. It consists of a four bumper around the corners of the bed. This foam-like railing provides natural passive-safety so that when the child bumps on the bumper while sleeping, he will naturally stay away from the edge of the bed. This foam bumper toddler bed rail bumper fits all kinds of mattresses from toddler-sized to a king-sized bed. 

This is a magic foam bumper, not air so technically there will be no bed rail installation needed. This is considered as the biggest advancement of bed rails because you don’t have to use a bed accessory that looks like a cage just to keep your child safe. You can easily roll it and store it for the next user. This bed railing has been tested for safety and durability.

Toddler Bed Rails by The Shrunks

If you prefer a bed railing that is portable and lightweight, this railing suits you. This is an inflatable barrier that serves as a good option for traditional steel or aluminum. You can take it easily wherever you go because it has an easy inflate, deflate capabilities. When inflated, this railing has a total dimension of 48 inches long and 7 inches wide making it suitable in a regular bed or in a crib. It is an assurance that this inflatable railing is a nontoxic bed bumper that may harm your child.

Replace your traditional metal bed frame rails with this safer bed railing that you will use conveniently. This is a perfect bed rail for beds without box springs It slips under your bed sheet naturally that even adds up to the looks of your child’s bedroom. You don’t need to have long barriers just to protect your child when you can use just the right size that serves its purpose. 

Final thoughts

Don’t sacrifice the safety of your child by using substandard bed railings. There are a lot of home depot bed rails that are of good quality, you’ll just have to pick the one that is within your budget and the one that you prefer most.

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