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The Best Sleeping Positions for Babies with Stuffy Noses

A stuffy nose can be a real problem for babies, especially when it comes to sleeping. While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are certain sleeping positions that can help babies breathe more easily and get a better night’s sleep.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the best sleeping positions.

Have your baby sleep on their back

Sleeping on their back is usually the most comfortable position for a baby with a stuffy nose. This position helps keep their head elevated slightly, which can make it easier to breathe through their nose.

Additionally. if your baby has nasal congestion or snoring due to allergies or a cold, they may benefit from sleeping in an inclined position on their back, such as in a reclined rocker or bouncer seat.

Side sleeping is also an option for babies with stuffy noses

Ensure proper sleeping position for congested babies: stretched out and supported while side sleeping, with a pillow or sleep wedge to elevate their head at a 30 degree angle, allowing for easier breathing and sinus drainage.

Additionally, ensure the baby’s position is not curled up in a ball while side sleeping. Their body should be stretched out and supported to prevent slumping onto their face or stomach.

Consider placing a pillow behind the baby for added support. The use of an infant sleep wedge may also provide relief by elevating the head to allow easier breathing throughout the night.

Make sure your baby gets the comfort they need with the right sleeping position for stuffy noses.

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