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The Exceptional And Meaningful 53 Muslim Names That You’d Love

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Muslim names in Islam, one can’t simply arbitrarily choose an infant name. Prophet Muhammad had obviously referenced in the Hadith that upon the arrival of Judgment, individuals would be called by their and their mom’s name.

Henceforth, he appointed guardians to give honorable names to their kids.

He likewise educated the guardians to change the names on the off chance that they later observe the implications to be immaterial or undesirable.

Indeed, even the researcher and veterans opine that the name of an individual affects his character.

In Islam, it’s additionally prescribed to respect the envoys and prophets of God by naming the kids after them.

These Muslim names won’t simply carry endowments to the tyke, however, they will likewise motivate him to have a noble existence. This clarifies the prevalence of the name Muhammad on the planet.

Finding an Islamic name that satisfies every one of these characteristics won’t be simple. Also, it’s here that the Kingdom of Baby will be the go-to guide.

The following is our complete accumulation of intriguing and snappy Muslim child kid and young lady names alongside their implications.

  1. Asiya : It means pensive or thoughtful.
  2. Fatma: It means a captivating person.
  3. Hiba: It means the gift of God.
  4. Haniya: It means being pleased and happy.
  5. Kamilah: It means being flawless.
  6. Liyana: It means a tender and delicate woman.
  7. Noora: It means a famous poet.
  8. Yusra: It means someone blessed with good fortune.
  9. Zaina: It means being exceptionally beautiful.
  10. Zoya: It means life.
  11. A’dab: It means someone who brings hope.
  12. A’idah: It means a reward in return.
  13. Aabida: It means worshipper.
  14. Aabirah: It means something that is ephemeral.
  15. Aabish: It is the name of the queen of Iran.
  16. Aabroo: It means prestige.
  17. Aadab: It means hope and needs.
  18. Aadila: It means morality.
  19. Aadina: It means delicate.
  20. Aaeesha: It means womanly.
  21. Aafia: It means someone who’s cool and out of worries.
  22. Aafiyah: It means healthy.
  23. Aafiyat: It means health and freedom from illnesses.
  24. Aafreen: It means the one who gives thanks.
  25. Aaila: It means beautiful and charming like the moon.
  26. Aaima: It means a leader.
  27. Aainah: It means a mirror.
  28. Aaira: It means a respectful and noble person.
  29. Aakifah: It means someone who dedicates all their life to worship God.
  30. Aala: It means someone beautiful and generous.
  31. Aalaa: It means the one who has a high value.
  32. Aaleyah: It means the one who has high self-esteem.
  33. Aalimah: It means a woman who’s a scientist and has high authority.
  34. Aalin: It means calm and serene.
  35. Aalina: It means light.
  36. Aalya: It means someone soft and serene.
  37. Aamanee: It means wishes and hopes.
  38. Aamina: This was the name of the mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
  39. Aamina bee: It means the one who has God’s grace.
  40. Aamira: It means princess.
  41. Aamna: It means tranquility and harmony.
  42. Aanisah: It means a good-hearted lady.
  43. Aaniya: It means affectionate and caring.
  44. Aaqilah: It means someone who’s extremely intelligent.
  45. Aara: It means a person who’s adored.
  46. Aarifa: It means someone who has a lot of knowledge.
  47. Aasfa: It means the protector.
  48. Aasima: It means the protector or the defender.
  49. Aasira: It means brave and strong.
  50. Aasiya: It means someone very hopeful.
  51. Aasma: It means excellent or precious.
  52. Aatifa: It means affection.
  53. Aatikah: It means kind and affectionate.

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