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The Healthiest Vegetables to Feed Your Babies

It can be such a wonderful moment when your babies can finally have some solid food. This usually depends on the progress of your baby though; since some babies tend to have their teeth earlier than others.

Experts believe that when a baby reaches 6 months; then it is the perfect time to eat solids; however, it is always ideal to check with your pediatrician since not all babies are the same.

Pediatricians also believe that the earlier you teach your babies to enjoy vegetables; the less likely they will be picky once they are toddlers. This is because of how their tastebuds can bring a signal to the brain wherein a memory of which is good and which is bad when it comes to food.

This is why it is very important for you to make sure that your babies will be able to enjoy the vegetables that you will be feeding them for the first time. Here are some of the things that you need to know about it.

What kind of vegetables should your babies eat?

What kind of vegetables should your babies eat?

There are a lot of baby foods in the market today; you could easily get them in jars or pouches. However, nothing beats homemade baby food.

As a mother; it is perfectly normal for you to always aim for the best option when it comes to your baby; most especially when food is involved. If it is your baby’s first time eating solid foods; and you simply cut the vegetables into pieces; then you are simply putting your baby in danger.

Keep in mind that a baby does not have a full set of teeth yet that can break down tiny vegetables; they need to be pureed. If you have a blender or a food processor it can be easier for you to make a puree out of the vegetables.

If you do not have either of those kitchen tools, then you can simply boil the vegetables until they are soft enough as if you are making mashed potatoes. Be sure that the vegetables are not too thick or not too thin so your baby can enjoy and slowly get used to the feeling of having solids in his or her mouth.

  • Carrots

The very first thing on the list is carrots since it is the type of vegetable that is available everywhere you go. It is available all-year-round so if your baby loves it then you will not have a problem getting it for him or her.

Carrots are also incredibly beneficial for your growing baby since it contains a good amount of vitamin A; which will help with his or her immune system. This can help protect their heart; lungs, and kidneys from any sort of illness. It is also good for the eyes not just because of its bright color that can attract your baby; but also because it contains lutein.

The American Academy of Pediatrics stated that babies who start eating vegetables at an early age will grow stronger and brighter.

  • Peas

If you want your baby to get some vitamin C naturally; then feeding them pureed peas is what you can do. It can give your baby iron and vitamin A as well, and despite being a vegetable; it has protein in it too. Just keep in mind that even if peas are already in tiny pieces; it is still best to puree them so that your baby will be able to eat it properly. If you don’t; your baby might choke on these peas since their throat is still too small.

  • Squash

If you are trying to wean your baby from breastmilk, then a better substitute that they could have is some squash. This particular vegetable contains vitamin E, and it also has fiber to help with your baby’s digestion. It is a good source of starch as well which makes it one of the best weaning food for babies.

  • Green beans

If you are scared that a certain vegetable might give your baby an allergic reaction, then you must go for pureed or mashed green beans. It is a good source of iron, calcium; and potassium, making it one of the best foods that you can give your baby once they reach six months.

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How to encourage your babies to eat vegetables

Since babies are used to consuming milk, it may be quite difficult for them to enjoy some solid foods. The taste and texture might still be a little new to them so patience and perseverance are the two things you need.

One of the best possible ways to encourage your baby to eat some vegetables is if you actually make it a habit. If you follow a schedule wherein they will have it for lunch before you give them some milk; then they will start to get used to it.

Your baby will also feel encouraged if you show them that the food is good enough for you to eat as well; show them that you can eat these vegetables too.

Another great way is for you to start being creative and do some fun tricks just to feed them. The airplane and the train trick are considered as one of the classics and they still work for most babies. If you do not keep on trying, then your baby might feel as if it is not exactly that necessary to eat solids and they will most likely continue to rely on milk. This might also lead to them being picky eaters especially when they reach the toddler stage.

These are just some of the things that you need to know and you can try; but it is better if you consult your pediatrician or nutritionist to have a better understanding. This is the time when you need to be cautious of what you feed your child since their digestive system is still very sensitive.

It is also the perfect time to figure out if your baby is allergic to a certain type of food, so giving them little amounts is ideal. You can never go wrong with vegetables though; as long as you prepare them right then your baby will most likely get used to it.

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