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What to Know: Herbals for Birth Control

Nowadays, there are so many forms of birth control that are available for women. In all sense, this is to prevent getting pregnant. Many types of birth controls contain synthetic hormones that actually stop the woman’s ovulation or stopping the sperm from meeting the egg. For some reason, these types of birth control can sometimes have side effects on a woman’s body. Experts also discourage couples to take birth control pills, mainly because it contains chemicals that can trigger illnesses later on.

If you don’t want to take pills or hormones, you might be looking for something natural. Just like herbal types of birth control. You will want to know what the options are, the safety and the things you should consider first – including the assurance that you will not get pregnant once you take it. This article will discuss more the common herbal birth controls or natural methods that couples may consider. This will help raise awareness about its safety and effectiveness.

What is birth control?

This is a way of preventing pregnancy. It comes with different types like condoms, pills, IUDs, vasectomy, the rhythm method, and ligation. However, aside from these types of method, there is also what we call the natural method. This method works without the use of physical devices. These kinds of ideas are based on awareness and observations and also by taking herbal plants.

What is herbal birth control?

Many plants have been used for medicinal purposes for a very long time. The majority of Herbal supplements are labeled as natural. Some manufacturers create drugs as well. Promoters of natural healing suggest that herbs can be effective in preventing pregnancy. However, there are also some researchers who found out that taking supplements does carry risks for most users. It may be beneficial that herbals are actually plants, but it may also contain chemicals during the process.

It is always important to understand that even though herbal supplements or birth controls were being advertised as safe and effective, there are also some countries that haven’t approved most of the supplements, especially the Food and Drug Administration. If you happen to research more on herbal birth control, you will find out that there isn’t a lot of information from the established medical sources.

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But, herbal birth control supplements are widely used and even advertised by experts regardless of the reasons as it may be used for the purpose of contraception. And it’s safe to say that there are also consumers who claimed to use it effectively. Some herbs may be helpful in enhancing fertility, but it also depends on your family planning. Many women will use herbal birth control if they don’t want to take synthetic hormones thus preventing pregnancy.

Natural healers commonly recommend along with herbal supplements the use of lambskin condoms for it hasn’t been containing chemicals.

Some of the herbs they suggest are:

  • Stoneseed roots – This herb can be drunk or inhale in the smoke. It can induce permanent sterility when consumed. Users of this kind of herbs are usually Native Americans
  • Thistle – This is a hot tea that can cause infertility when consumed.
  • Wild Carrot Seed – Many women in India eat only a teaspoon of wild carrot seed and immediately have sexual intercourse. It may also act as an abortive.
  • Ginger Root – Drinking a ginger root can actually help initiate menstruation

How to use herbal birth control

It is very important to speak with your doctor if you opt to try the Herbal Birth Control method. Your doctor may also discuss how to properly use or take the herbals to avoid any unpleasant side effects on your body.

Take note about these guidelines on how to use it:

  • Follow all the necessary instructions in the label. Do not take more than what is recommended in the label or by the advice of the doctor.
  • Always make it a habit to track your usage.
  • Read carefully the labels, word per word. Be mindful of the supplements manufactured to some other countries for it contains toxic ingredients.
  • Always read news and updates about these supplements as there are many authorities nationwide who aren’t in favor of using these.

Side effects of herbal birth control

They say that too much of a thing can be bad. The same is true with taking herbal birth control supplements. Just like other medicines, herbal supplements can produce a lot of side effects even if it was used properly. How much more if used improperly? Here are the common side effects that people must know.

  • Nausea or frequent vomiting
  • Can easily get tired
  •  Prone to an allergic reaction
  • Low blood pressure
  • It can cause depression when combined with other drugs
  • Can be sensitive to light of the sun
  • Can cause any kidney disorder
  • Herbs may contain ingredients that may induce abortion and cause miscarriage
  •  Herbs may also affect the body of the user and produce side effects as to hormonal birth control

There could be different side effects of different herbal birth controls. And not all people will have the same reactions to these herbals when taken. It actually varies all the time. For you to avoid side effects, always use herbs that are prescribed by the doctor. Be watchful of the alarming symptoms so that you can discuss it with your doctor right away.

Wrapping up

Birth control is always a decision made by a person. Mostly for couples, they prefer birth control first because, for some reason, they are not ready to be parents yet. They want to enjoy the company of each other first before taking it to the new level. Everybody in this world will respect each decision.

Considering birth control is not bad at all. Just make sure that it will not cause any harm to you. Always make sure to get the advice of the experts pertaining to the usage of the herbs. It could be an advantage to users, but there can be some side effects that you don’t want to experience. Do not just depend on what you just read on the internet or any news about it. It’s always safe to talk to someone professional and has a lot of ideas about it.

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