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The Most Outstanding Virgo Baby Names For Your Virgo Baby

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Virgos, like the virgin representing this sixth zodiac sign, is said to be modest and sweet. Virgo is often connected to harvest, industry, and craftsmanship by land as its component. Since their governing planet is Mercury, those born under this sign of stars often are wise, and excellent communicators with careers in healing are hardly surprised. 

They are usually reliable, knowledgeable, and hard-worked, ready to serve, and with great care for the details. Are you having trouble with picking Virgo baby names? Don’t worry! Use our ideas for the best Virgo Baby Names.

Top virgo baby names

If your kid is due in Virgo, the time to plan and choose the perfect baby name is exactly right for this article. Here we have the best Virgo Baby Names options for you!


Amelia is another title that ties well with Virgo’s characteristics. This name means Latin as well as Teutonic. The name means “manufactured” in Latin, while the name means “defender” in Teutonic. 

These words suit the loving Virgo, who always wants to do things. However, this name honors incredible people like Amelia Earheart. It’s a pretty name. It is undoubtedly a name that is ready to come back and perfectly fits a lovely Virgo baby girl.


Hugh is another neutral term on this checklist, which you couldn’t imagine would suit a Virgo boy. The name has Teutonic roots and means “thinker,” which makes it perfect for a young child. Virgo rules Mercury’s world, and the world is connected to intelligence and interaction. The world is linked to Hermes, the messenger god.


Rhea is a lovely name that has its roots in Greece. Rhea was the gods ‘ wife and is regarded as the goddess of fertility, childbirth, and ages. The name is also linked to being a goddess of the earth. It makes its name appropriate for an infant who was born in the season of Virgo. 

The relationship with a goddess of the earth and her fertility works particularly because Virgo is an earth sign that deals with the roots, detail, and development. However, it’s a lovely and beautiful name, too.


George is the one classic name on this most current list of Virgo baby names. In this most recent list of Virgo baby names, George is probably the only name that may be an old-fashioned classical title you hear countless times, but it also seems to be a jack-and-jack. George also comes from Greece. The name means a plant. Also, even the name implies anybody at times. It links directly once more with the Virgo as an earth sign and also with the hard-working, arduous character of the sun.


It is not shocking to learn about Greek and Roman myths when talking about astrology. Artemis is a popular Greek divinity. In fact, the deity of nature, fishing, and integrity were Artemis. It makes the term for a Virgin great. It makes a lot of sense in connection with the virgin.

Other notable virgo baby names:

Here are other ideas that you can select when choosing Virgo Baby Names for your Virgo baby! You might be familiar with some of these Virgo baby names as they are common today.

  • Hermione

This one is for you, Harry Potter lovers. It is a Greek name meaning’ a high-grade maid.’

  • Marshall

It is a real name for singer Eminem and means one who looks after horses. It is of French roots.

  • Melissa

It is a Greek name meaning’ honeybee,’ how adorable`1 It is suitable for a hard-working Virgo.

  • Nevin 

It’s not one you see on the best-known infant lists, but an Irish-Gaelic name means’ the daughter of the saints’ or’ holy.

  • Reeve

This old name means “steward” and “bailiff,” which fits both a boy and a female. It’s quite a modern-sounding name, given its ancient origins.


If your kid is due in Virgo, the time to plan and choose the perfect baby name is exactly right for this article. Here we have the best Virgo Baby Names options for you. Are you having trouble with picking Virgo baby names? Use our ideas for the best Virgo Baby Names.

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