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The Need for Potatoes During Pregnancy

During the pregnancy stage, women are very careful with what they intake with their bodies. It does not only affect the mother, but also the baby inside her womb. In selecting food to intake while pregnant, women have to consider the number of nutrients that are needed for the nourishment of the baby. Pregnant or not, we love potatoes. But is it safe for a mom-wannabee? Here are some reasons why there is a need for potatoes during pregnancy.

Benefits of eating potatoes during pregnancy 

Potato is filled with nutrients that are needed by moms during pregnancy. Therefore, it is safe to crave potatoes while waiting for the little one to join the family. Some of its benefits are:

1. Helps in fighting cholesterol

While pregnant, moms are told by doctors to minimize the intake of fatty foods to reduce the risk of cholesterol. Women that are overweight when they become pregnant can take potatoes because of their soluble fiber and Vitamin C that helps in reducing the risk of heightening cholesterol levels.

2. Good source of folate

Folic Acid is one of the most important nutrients needed by a baby for the development of the fetal brain and strengthening the nervous system. Having a folate-rich food in the pregnancy diet lowers the risk of miscarriage.

3. Contains flavonoids

Potato contains flavonoids that help lower the blood pressure levels of moms. High blood pressure can lead to slow development of the fetus, low birth weight or can lead to premature birth.

4. Reduces cardiovascular disease

The skin of the potato is important because it contains a high amount of potassium. This vitamin K is known for its benefits to reduce heart strokes and hypertension.

5. Source of baby energy

The little one inside your womb needs the energy to keep their nourishment intact. The glucose found in the potato can is one of the primary sources of your baby’s energy.

What kinds of potatoes to avoid during pregnancy? 

Yes, you have satisfied your desire to consume potatoes while being pregnant. Knowing that you have a life forming inside of you, every move must be done with caution. Potatoes, although having several benefits in its shell, can also have cons.

Avoid potatoes that are still green. Potatoes are grown under the ground, but sometimes, some are exposed over the ground. These potatoes are exposed to the sun which lets them form chlorophyll. It is the one responsible for its green color. Once this is formed in the potato, Solanine is also formed. It is a glycol-alkaloid toxin that is potentially poisonous. It causes hemolysis, paralyzes nervous central and stimulates the gastric mucosa leading to death and shall never be consumed by humans especially if you are pregnant.

Choosing the best potatoes for you 

Mothers know best as they say. And the best way to take care of the Baby is to take care of yourself first. In selecting potatoes to consume, you should:

  • Select fresh potatoes. If possible, buy potatoes from organic farmers and organic markets. This will ensure that no added fertilizers and preservatives are going inside you and your baby.
  • Thoroughly wash potatoes before cooking it. Potatoes are grown underground. Dirt and possible mud are clogged in some areas of the potato. Wash them carefully to avoid any harm in your stomach.
  • Select firm and well-shaped potatoes as much as possible. This will only mean that the potato is well taken care of on its growing stage.
  • Avoid the loaded green potatoes. As shown and explained earlier, potatoes that are green are grown over the ground and may potentially contain harmful chemicals and elements that are bad for the human body.
  • Do not use potatoes that have become bad in small areas. A potato that is starting to rot in a small portion of its body can never be used by a pregnant mom. It may have possibly contaminated other areas of the potato too, without you seeing it.

Potato preparations during pregnancy 

You knew that potatoes are safe for you and your baby. Now you want to cook and prepare the most delicious meal to satisfy your potato craving. Here are some ways to cook your potatoes, pregnancy style.

1. STEAMED POTATO. You should always go for an oil-free way of cooking foods. In this way, it will help you lessen your cholesterol and high blood pressure risks.

2. MASHED POTATO AND POTATO SALAD. These recipes contain less to no oil to be prepared. Sprinkled with the right amount of salt, just for it to taste, the baby will have a jetpack of energy to keep up with mom all day.

3. POTATO SOUP. Preparing potato in a soup can make you feel full for a long time. Plus, the soup can help relax muscles and tension forming because of the potassium in your potato.

4. BAKED POTATO. Yes, you can prepare your potato in a baking pan. But remember, no cheese. Cheese is very tempting. But consuming cheese in your potato can trigger overweight and can be a factor or having gestational diabetes. 

5. HASHED POTATOES. Your potatoes can be paired with eggs at breakfast in the form of hash browns sprinkling it with the right dose of salt and pepper.

The verdict of potatoes during pregnancy 

All come in moderation. All things consumed in high amounts can be addictive and dangerous to your health. It is always safe to consult your physician or OBGYN if you want to change your diet. It will not only affect your body but also your baby’s development. Potatoes are healthy for the overall growth of the fetus, but with the right amount and the right usage.

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