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Top Baby Names That Mean Love

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Choosing the right names for your baby is an exciting and challenging part of pregnancy. But there will be times where you and your partner will disagree on each other’s name choices. Other times, you will find yourself scouring online for the perfectly unique name. Because you want more than just any old name. You want something with meaning, one that you and your child will be proud to have.

If you want a name you will love, then why not choose names meaning love? It’s perfect if your baby was conceived during Valentine’s Day or your honeymoon. The name will embody your true love with your partner. names meaning love can also represent a kind, soft, and sentimental meaning.

Love is a wonderful meaning if your child would one day ask how you chose their name. It will be a great story on how you want your child to represent the love you share or evoke the same warm feeling. names meaning love is a gift to your child telling them that you love them so much you want a name that will showcase just that.

Below are some lovely and timeless names meaning love for you to choose from.

Top baby names meaning love

1. Adelpha

this is a classic and elegant name which means love, it is also the name of a group of butterflies. This name evokes warmth, beauty, and sophistication fit for your future little queen.

2. Aimee

A french variation of the name Amy. It has a classic charm that makes you imagine a sentimental yet strong young lady.

3. Arabella

is an ultra-feminine name that evokes an imagery of a beautiful, loving, and graceful young lady. The origins of this name are also derived from “orabilis” which translates to obliging to a prayer.

4. Kalila

this unique name is something you’ve probably never heard of yet but it is a beautiful name of Arabic origins. Aside from translating to love, it also means sweetheart and beloved. Because of how unique the name is, your daughter has the power to create her own identity evoking the name.

6. Esme

in case you’re a fan of the Twilight Saga then this is the perfect choice in your list of names meaning love. The name Esme is French for “esteemed and beloved,” meanwhile other translations would way “which means to be loved.” This name represents the precious feeling of being loved.

7. Connelly 

a charming and sophisticated alternative to the name “Connor,” this name is of Irish origins which mean “love and friendship.” 

8. David

it’s a classic and timeless Hebrew name of Biblical origin. This traditional name evokes both strength, security, and the warm feeling of being loved. David is the perfect name yet simple name.

9. Imogen

when you think about Greek mythology, you remember their representation and symbolism of love. This name of Greek origins means “beloved child,” it’s a unique and yet elegant tone this is the perfect name.

10. Carwyn

this dapper sounding name is perfect for your little gentleman. You can imagine your charming young boy opening doors and being the perfect gentlemen. Of Welsh origins, this name means “fair love.”

11. Paris

wouldn’t it be great to name your little one after the famous City of Love?  It’s great if you’re looking for a gender-neutral name that is both unique and easily rolls off the tongue like saying, “I love you.”

12. Amadea/ Amadeus

both of Italian origin, it is a strong and musical name which means “God’s beloved.” Both variations evoke power and musicality which gives a unique strength to your child’s name. Among the names meaning love, this one truly has a classic and timeless element.

13. Lennon

last names as first names are a huge trend you need to jump on right now. The name Lennon is related to the famous Beatle, John Lennon who famously sang “All You Need Is Love,” which is the perfect fit for a name which means love. At the same time, the name is of Gaelic origin which means “lover.”

14. Philip

another classic and timeless name on this list, Philip means “lover of horses.” It is also the name of one of the 12 apostles in the bible and quite a common name for most royals. Philipp evokes a regal yet masculine name which will empower your son.

15. Valentina 

in a list of names meaning love, nothing is more special than to be named after the Saint of love –Saint Valentine. It’s is such a romantic name that is not only synonymous with the meaning of love but also means healthy and strong.

16. Tris

another baby-naming trend making its way into the mainstream is shortened names such as Tris from Tristan. This name has quite a story behind it which will be great to tell friends and family members. It is about the nephew of the King of Cornwall, who fell in love with the princess of Ireland. A name that evokes love with a love story behind it.

17. Aiko

Japanese in origin, it can mean “love” or “child of love.” If you’re living outside of Asia, this would be a beautiful unique name to give your baby girl.

18. Eros

Greeks are known of tales and Gods of love, Eros is the God of love and son of Aphrodite. So what better name than being named after the God of Love himself? 

Why mames meaning love are special

During your pregnancy you would need to make important decisions yet choosing a name seems to be one of the hardest. 

Choosing the name of your newborn is definitely a big and exciting responsibility. Probably you’ve already had a list of names to choose from growing up. Many of which were chosen because of how it sounded or if it holds a special meaning. But it’s going to be difficult to find a name that both you and your partner will love. 

What’s perfect about choosing names meaning love is that you have a wide variety of choices –from unique sounding name to traditional classics. Keep in mind that the name of your newborn should be something not only you and your partner love but your newborn would be proud to have.

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