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The Recommended Summer Education Programs for Kids

The Recommended Summer Education Programs for Kids

Summer is definitely if not, the most fun season for kids! This is one of the seasons they are waiting for the whole year-round. Though summer generally means having a break from the stressful and brain-draining school year, you can still squeeze in some learning for your kids. Some parents think it is a good idea to enroll their kids in a summer education program during the break so that kids can still learn while having fun. Unlike school classes or programs which has very straight-forward subjects, lessons, recitals, hands-on, and quizzes, a summer education program can really be more active and fun-oriented. Though schools or private organizations will offer a variety of summer programs, you sure would want to evaluate if what would fit your kid’s talents and interests. Most of the time, you don’t have to necessarily pay for it, you’ll be surprised to know that many departments and offices offer free educational programs for kids during the summer.

To help you decide, here are some great ideas for summer education programs that you should look for:

 1. Building workshops

Sometimes, there are home improvement stores that offer free building workshops. This helps kids learn to build a birdhouse, a miniature schoolhouse or a residential house. They can get freebies like goggles, aprons, tools, and supplies. They are also being assisted with skilled employees. Some popular workshops are from Lowe’s and Home Depot. You can check out their schedule and details.

2. Arts and crafts at the museum

It is nice to introduce art appreciation to kids at a young age. Kids are encouraged to create their own work of art and become promising artists in the future. Kids will surely enjoy paint time, craft time, playing with clay and other tools that can enrich their art experiences.

3. Sports clinics

This has a limited amount of kids to accommodate. However, chosen kids can learn about professional sports, college athletes, their coaches and how they train. This can enrich the kids’ interest in sports. And if they don’t show interest in any sports, this may kindle their interest in pursuing one in the future.

4. Camps

Some sponsors summer camps for kids. It comprises writing, math, theater, art, reading and so on. Camps can also include field trips and swimming. There are even summer camps that tackle and give awareness to anti-bullying and personal safety.

5. Behind-the-scenes tours

This kind of program is quite fascinating and interesting. Kids may wonder what it’s like to work at a TV station. Or how does email being brought from one place to another? These processes are being shown to the kids through a tour of an exclusive peek of the behind-the-scenes. You can actually tour even just by asking permission. If your child is interested in animals, maybe you can think of touring to a veterinary hospital. If he likes baseball, you can have a quick tour of a local stadium.

6. Volunteer opportunities

Kids should also learn and appreciate the value of volunteerism. Volunteering can help children mold a selfless and compassionate attitude. This program can include visiting nursing homes, prepare meals for the homeless, or cleaning at the park. As the kids grow older, they can reach out to more opportunities for volunteering on their own.

7. Tours and field trips

For instance, kids would love to see how their favorite jelly bean is being made. That would be a fascinating experience for them! Tours and field trips are nice summer education program options for kids because they can learn a lot about how things are being created, what it’s made of and so on and so forth. Tours like these open eyes to kids for the real world and appreciate the things that they have known how long it was being processed. 

8. Movies

You can make this by yourself or with the help of movie theaters. You can watch a free movie or you can make your own version of the cinema under the stars. Many movie theaters actually offer free movies during the summer season. Outdoor movies can be a nice way to go since it is usually held in the park where there is much space for families to spread out their blankets and get comfortable. Some free movie events even have food giveaways, games, and prizes. 

9. Library events

Where books are laid, the library is just the right place for storytime. Most of the libraries encourage reading by offering free summer reading programs. Kids usually sign up and read a number of books over the summer. Later on, the library then grant awards for eager readers.

10. Bowling

It may not be very popular, but kids would love to do real sports during the summer program. You can strike up to two rounds of free bowling during the summer. 

11. Admissions to art museums and children’s museum

Children will definitely enjoy touring around the Children’s Museum. These are usually free during the summer. It is available all year long but the whole family can definitely enjoy more during summer outings.

12. Playing in the park and other recreational activities

Many parks and recreation offices set up whole day summer activities. Your kids will learn about fitness lessons, different kinds of sports, and basic computer knowledge.

These 12 ideas for summer education programs for kids are just some of the many suggested summer programs. You can definitely choose your preference so that summer will be so much fun! Kids will enjoy and parents can use this as a bonding time. While doing these exciting activities, parents should make sure that their kids are safe and they are learning beneficial things. They need to see to it that kids are being introduced to new ideas and new experiences outside of the school facility. They should not underestimate the impact of these summer education programs for kids because it will help mold understanding and appreciation of the world they’re living in. 

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