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Twins at 32 Weeks of Your Pregnancy

The summary of fetal development of weeks at 32 weeks is an important reminder of the great changes and milestones you had for the past couple of weeks. It is important to celebrate because you are getting nearer to the peak of your pregnancy journey. 

In this article, we’re going to show you the exact and profound details of the fetal development of the twins at 32 weeks of pregnancy. We are also going to show you the wonderful things that are happening during week 32 of pregnancy, which are amazing things to learn, especially if you are pregnant with twins.

By week 32 you are visibly seeing the profound changes of pregnancy which are seen physically and emotionally. Many mothers during this time are having tremendous dealings with the physical or bodily sensations that pregnancy has brought up to them.

During week 32 of twin pregnancy, it is highly expected that each of the twins to weight about 1.6-1.8kg and should measure about 42-44 centimeters from head to toe. Though may seem normal, sometimes it is unexpected that the other twin may supersede his or her other twin in terms of size and height.

Twins at 32 weeks are now forming a great physical proportion. They may even develop their facial features at this moment which can be easily seen when monitored with 4D Ultrasound scanning. This is also the time when your lovely twins are becoming more humanoid in shape thus making them pre-newborns.

However, due to the very nature of twin or triplet pregnancy, the twins will still be able to continue to grow and develop, gaining as much as 1.5 lb until they’re born.

In addition to this, you may also notice that your babies’ movement might be a little reversed than usual. This is mainly because the twins are growing. It is harder for them to move around your womb as they are getting bigger which means there is no more space for them to move around the uterus.

The only movements you’ll be able to feel are either the churning or sometimes kicking movements of the twins or the squirming. This is relatively normal for twins at 32 weeks onwards.

However, if your twins aren’t moving or you dont feel any baby movements inside your womb, it is best to call the doctor to make sure that the reduced movements of the twins are not a problem to be considered.

During the 32nd week of your twin pregnancy, it is also scientifically proven that your twins will start to experience REM sleep, a deep sleep accompanied by dreams. It is also possible that during the 32 weeks of twin pregnancy your twins have developed strands of hair by now or even full hair growth in their head, which is likely due to their genetics.

By now, the twins are also gaining a different position that enables them to get ready for birth. Usually, twins will have a position turning upside down usually with their heads pointing downwards to the birth canal. 

It is also important to take note that the skills of both the twins are still malleable and extremely soft that enables their heads to move and pass through easily to the birth canal. You should also talk to your twins by now as by week 32 of your twin pregnancy their hearing is now acute and more developed.

It may seem like a weird and unscientific thing to do, talking to your unborn twins during pregnancy but it really is a great thing to do! It is important now that you are communicating with your twins by now because it’s a real thing that they can hear from you!

Always remember to take extra measures in taking care of yourself, have a regular visit from your doctor or midwife especially if you’re feeling a little off or you’re experiencing weird and unusual sensations. Always stick to a healthy diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, high-protein, and carbohydrate meals and of course, do some safe pregnancy exercises!

Pregnancy by 32 weeks, specifically twin pregnancy is a wonderful and unique experience, not to mention that your bump is getting bigger and heavier as you reach your big day. Just enjoy the moments and be well!

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