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6 Incredible Video Names For Girls

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Video games were once a niche sport, but now a society of video games is all about popular culture, including children’s names. Inspired by the world of gaming, baby names are a great tribute to a favorite hobby, but this theme in 2019 goes far beyond just another nod to the other fans. Even when the larger population doesn’t know what the real root of your baby’s name is, both the experienced player and noob would enjoy these stunning and imaginative titles. You will need fantastic Video Game Names for Girls for your little princess.

6 Video game names for girls

Here are some cool and amazing Video Game Names for Girls! We hope that you like them as much as we do. We’re pretty sure that your little gamer girls will love these names that you will give them. 

  • Alma

Alma is a rather solemn, soulful name that burst into the flowering wallpaper a century before, and now finds its base again. Alma has a lot of cultural connections, not least through the title of alma mater, including Alma Mahler, a composer, and singer of the 19th century, and the character of Alma Del Mar played on Brokeback Mountain by Michelle William in 2005. Through Deadwood, The Hunger Games, The American Horror Story, and Life Story Nicole Krauss, other characters named Alma featured. 

A character named Alma reveals that her name is “Spanish for the spirit.” in the Tennessee Williams play Summer and Fire. The term has become popular in Britain after the Alma campaign, which was renamed the Russian River during the Crimean war. Alma, which has always been a simplified example among Hispanic communities, seemed on the verge of making his come-back with La Ella and Ada.

  • Daena

Daena is a rebel in Gato’s Hope shrine, another place in Mana Legend. The priestess who aged quickly to her death by a magic spell on her is to be protected and rescued. Daena is a young soul who learns a lot of life from her friends ‘ struggles.

  • Pearl

Pearl is a cute, passive girl from a very ancient game called Mana’s Legend, a member of the Jumi race. She is a defender of Elazul, her knight, and seems to be likely to drift profoundly in thought. It angered Elazul and left him on numerous occasions asking for your help.

  • Athena

The Athena name is the name of a girl who comes from Greece. Athena is the name of Zeus ‘ wife, who was wise goddess, battle, arts, math and bravery, and the great patroness of the town of Athens (and that was a partial list). In the Odyssey, Homer identifies her as “Athena with its sparkling eyes.” Athena is a recognizable title that could lure illuminated parents with a special reward. It’ll be one of the most widely used titles of the ancient goddesses in the westernmost realm of today. 

Another version is Athene, and Minerva is Athena’s Roman counterpart. Athena is Ariel’s aunt in Disney’s film The Little Mermaid. For both her other daughter names, Tina Fey translated into her Greek roots, Penelope Athena, and Athena, although at heart. It has sparked curiosity.

  • Rose

Inspired by Dragoon’s legend, Rose is a Dragoon Knight who has lasted throughout the ages to continue her mission to protect the world from evil. She is a powerful, quiet man, veiled underneath with great kindness. Though the conditions seemed to harden her, she was told to her by her allies.

  • Ada

The Ada title is the name “noble, aristocracy” of a child of German origins. Ada derives from the German Adelaide name from the former Adalheidis. The source of the biblical personage Adah, pronounced AH-da, one of the first girls ‘ names mentioned in the Book of Genesis, can also be distinguished as “noble.” Ada is one of the classic girls’ baby names that unexpectedly again looks great. Ada is an antidote to the over-popular Ava at the end of the 19th century and is a favorite. 

Ada is also part of the trend towards every day, older names like Ivy and Ella, beginning with a vowel. The deserving namesake is Ada Lovelace, the Poet Lord Byron’s mathematician’s wife, who worked on the machine and the system, along with Charles Babbage. Byron refers to her as “Ada, the only daughter of my home and my soul,” in his poem “Harold Childe Pilgrimage.

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