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Using Jasmine Tea During Pregnancy: is it Good or Bad?

Pregnancy is such an incredible journey that most women enjoy. It has its own ups and downs, but it will all lead to that amazing moment when they finally meet their newest bundle of joy. If you are expecting, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are getting enough vitamins and minerals for you and your unborn baby. It is also your duty to ensure that you will only consume food and drinks that are considered safe while you are pregnant. However, what if you are craving a nice warm jasmine tea in the morning? It is known that caffeine consumption is not ideal for pregnant women, but are there any exceptions? Keep reading to find out more about using jasmine tea during pregnancy.

Caffeine during pregnancy

When you are expecting, your body is at is most vulnerable. That is because of how it is trying to function not just for one, but two beings. Some women are used to drinking coffee or tea almost every single day, so it can be very difficult to completely get rid of caffeine for a couple of months. According to experts, caffeine is not exactly ideal for pregnant women, however, teas are somewhat the safest option. Coffee contains a huge amount of caffeine, whereas teas only have about half. This does not necessarily mean that you can consume as many cups of tea as you want though since caffeine can lead to complications during pregnancy. Some doctors recommend only drinking under 200mg a day when you are execting, but this is not for everyone. It is best if you consult your doctor before you drink or eat anything.

If you are given the go-signal, then that means you can get your morning tea. Despite the caution, there are actually some nutritional benefits that a pregnant woman can get from teas. Such as vitamin E, protein, potassium, vitamin C, carbohydrates, and antioxidants. Keep in mind that there are different types of tea, which means they all have their respective ingredients that are not safe to consume during pregnancy.

What is jasmine tea 

One of the most common variants of tea is jasmine tea or also known as jasmine green tea. For the benefit of the doubt, jasmine flowers are simply added to a green tea for aroma. However, the green tea itself does not contain any jasmine flower on it. The flower only delivers the aroma towards the tea, which makes it so appealing. This basically means that the jasmine flower does not provide any sort of benefit to the drinker. 

It is neither completely safe nor extremely harmful to pregnant women. Green tea can provide antioxidants, they are usually safe to consume when you are expecting, but it is not ideal to drink it multiple times a day on a daily basis. This does not mean that you have to avoid any variants of tea though, because there are some that are suitable to drink during pregnancy, but there are also some that you have to avoid at all costs.

Teas ideal for pregnant women

It is best to limit any caffeine consumption while you are pregnant, so if it will make you feel better to have a cup of tea, then go ahead. To be on the safer side, here are some of the best types of tea you can drink:

  • Peppermint leaf tea – this type of tea is known to be perfect for women who are suffering from nausea or morning sickness. The peppermint leaf tea is great for the stomach muscles since it has the ability to calm it down. However, it is ideal to only drink a cup or two every single day since some women suffer from heartburn afterward.
  • Lemon tea – When it comes to having the power to soothe and relax the body, lemon tea is usually the go-to type of tea. It also helps the body get rid of stress, which can also aid indigestion. Some pregnant women also sleep better when they drink lemon tea.
  • Ginger tea – Another tea that is ideal for women suffering from severe morning sickness is ginger tea. There are a lot of pregnant women who swear by this particular type of tea. It is best to consume a cup a day and it will be able to help you out. 
  • Rooibos tea – This is more commonly known as red tea, and it is recommended for pregnant women who are having trouble with their digestion. It can also help with acid reflux since it contains calcium and antioxidants. This particular tea is perfect for any pregnant women because it does not contain any amount of caffeine.

Teas to avoid during pregnancy

If there are variants of tea that are ideal for pregnant women, there are also teas that must be avoided. Although they are not extremely harmful, it is still best to stay away from them for now.

  • Dandelion tea – With tons of vitamin A and potassium that can help with swelling, dandelion tea may sound healthy. Experts do not recommend it though, so check with your doctor if ever you would like to try it. 
  • Chamomile tea – If you wish to sleep better and relieve stress, this particular tea may help you out. It is known to be the kind of tea that can affect your pregnancy though, so you may not want to risk it. A cup every couple of days is the most you can consume if you drink more often than that you will most likely be at risk.
  • Nettle tea – this has got to be the most dangerous type of tea. It may contain calcium and iron, but it drinking it can also lead to uterine contractions. In some severe cases, it can lead to miscarriages. It is best if you avoid it at all costs.

Always remember that every pregnancy is unique, your body may react to certain types of drinks or foods differently. It is best to consult your healthcare provider before consuming any drink or food that may cause harm to your unborn child. Your well-being is the most important thing at the moment since you are expecting, you can always go back and have any food or drink you want after you give birth. No one can go wrong when it comes to staying healthy.

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