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Walking Shoes for Babies

The first thing that we are going to start with is how to adjust your baby’s walking shoes. When you decided to go to the baby store to purchase new shoes for your little one, two main things are needed to characterize them, comfiness, and flexibility. 

Babies have many thick pads at the bottom of their feet that flatten their feet, and hiking shoes should first be tested for proper fit.

It is a good idea in a real shoe store shopping to get the help of trained staff takes the right steps.

Here are two steps you can try on your own

Thumb test: Once your kid gets his shoe on, press your thumb on both sides at the tip of the shoe. Between the tip of the Shoe and the longest toe of your child, you will need about 1 cm wide.

Heel test: You should be looking for a comfortable and tight fit shoe. The heel must be opposed to the back of the shoe.

If the heel pinches, that means the shoe is so small, while the heel slides out easily that means the shoe is quite too big.

The right fit for your baby walking shoes should feel comfortable when the toes of your baby are pushed to the front of the shoe.

baby wearing shoes and learning how to walk with them

The Best Baby Walking Shoes

Even if your baby is still young, the best Baby walking shoes should not slip too hard.

If you take off the shoes, make sure that there is a red mark or something, which means that the shoes are too tight.

What To Do And What To Avoid When You Are Buying a Baby Walking Shoes

medical baby shoes

• Pick something comfortable, If your child walks with a limp or find some difficulty in walking, that may mean the shoe is uncomfortable.

  • As always, observation may be the only option you have, because the infant can’t tell you whether his shoes fit properly.

• Stay away from buying used walking shoes for babies, as they are probably incorporated into the previous owner’s feet. They can be dangerous for the baby’s feet.

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What You Should  Be Looking For In Baby Walking Shoes:

Mesh or leather material for breathability. Take care of good quality so that your child’s sweaty little toes are well ventilated. Hard materials inhibit the growth and development of the baby.

Pinch the top of the baby’s walking shoes while the shoe is on, the shoe might be too tight, if you cannot grab any material. The flexible Material imitates the baby’s foot and allows natural movement when walking.

Traction to avoid slipping. Your baby shoes have at the bottom a groove that helps your child to go the right way.

Walking Shoes For Baby: Buster Brown

They are in a way traditional, but durable and stylish enough to withstand lively jokes all year round.

While the Brown Shoe Company no longer offers the Brown Buster Walking Shoe, sustainability is at the heart of these boys ‘ hiking shoes. You participate in certain activities.

Tell us the shoes you are using for your baby, share with us your experience.

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