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Naked Babies At The Beach: Do’s And Don’ts

naked babies at the beach the last time we were on the beach, something unexpected happened, we didn’t have Toby’s swimsuit, so I just left his clothes.

He was quick and easy to lift, glad to be able to hold his toes well in the water on the street.

Despite everything, the beach is not full, there are mostly young families, and he is only two years old.

baby standing next to the beach

I still remember when I was his age, my cousin and I ran naked on the beach millions of times, it was perfectly normal for the course as a normal part of childhood.

But that day, although my parents were chatting with us, I noticed some glances from other adults. Maybe it’s in my head, I imagine? Think.

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naked baby

Then a seven-year-old girl came up to Toby and asked, “why are you naked?”We told him we forgot his bathing suit at home and he was swimming naked all day. She looked embarrassed.


After a while, we were walking on the beach and I heard a group of little kids laughing and whispering, “look at the naked baby!”


Wait, Was His Nakedness a Faux Pas?


So I put him in a diaper and decided to let him run after him, which was fine even if he was heavy and Wet for water.


Of course, I didn’t want people to feel uncomfortable, and I didn’t care what they wore, I didn’t pay attention to it at all.


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baby daiper


Naked babies but I’ve always wondered: is it socially unacceptable to have naked children on the beach? Maybe I’m used to swimming in my grandparents ‘ small town where everyone knows each other.


When you don’t know the crowd personally, wouldn’t that be appropriate? Maybe this crowd was more restrained or perhaps less appropriate than elsewhere these days?


I’m so curious and want to hear your thoughts!


I also say how it is also interesting to make sure that several countries/regions/countries feel differently from each other. Anyway, I remember next time Toby swimsuit.


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