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What Is Pre-cum? The Trusted Guide You Need

Pre-cum, or pre-ejaculate if we’re going to be fancy, it is one of that stuff you know exists if you are having sex with people with penises.

Yet, the chance is you might don’t know what in fact it is.

No shade is intended, I write about sex things every day and up until on average two minutes ago did not have a single clue what precum really is.

Is it the same as a full-on ejaculation? Is pre-cum able to get you pregnant? Is it risky in the sense of STIs?

What Is Pre-cum?

Pre ejaculate, or ‘precum’, or even ‘pre cum’ as it could be known, is the fluid that comes out of the penis, Pre-ejaculate is a clear, colorless fluid that comes out of a penis when a guy is aroused and right before he ejaculates.

It’s not the same thing as ejaculate. It could occur during foreplay, masturbation or any type of sexual stimulation, when the owner of the concerned penis has become aroused.

It shows up when the penis is very turned on.

In fact, the main function of pre-ejaculate is to do the role of a lubricant during sexual intercourse.

It as well lubricates the urethra to get it ready for ejaculation.

Pre-ejaculate is in fact, alkaline, while the environment inside urethra is acidic to aid in making sure that the sperm survives.

Where Does Pre-cum Come From?

The fluid usually comes from the ‘Cowpers glands’ situated at the end of the penis.

Since it passes throughout the ‘urethra’ which is the tube into the penis that people pee from, it does mix with mucus is made by the urethral glands.

Finally, it rules out of the end of the penis and there you go; Pre-cum!

What’s The Point In Pre-cum?

It behaves as a lubricant, to decrease friction during sex. It is somehow alkaline, which aids in neutralizing the otherwise acidic area in the urethra, reason behind it is urine.

This is helping the sperm to actually survive.

Can Pre-cum Get You Pregnant?

The short answer is basically yes, probably. Even though it does not overall has plenty of sperm, it’s possible that a few might be leftover from the last time the person that has ejaculated.

These might come out with the pre-ejaculate, specifically if they have not passed any single urine since back then.

Always keep in mind that it just takes one sperm for you to get pregnant (Pre-cum)!

Can Pre-cum Pass On STIs?

Yes, it most certainly can. Bacteria and viruses could be passed on in this fluid, including HIV.

Pre-cum is able to transfer viruses and bacteria while the glands that produce it may be a subject to viral and bacterial STIs.

The fact of using a condom is literally the best way to protect yourself and your partners from STIs. And that could happen even if your sexual partner does not ejaculate inside.

Are Women Able To Produce Pre-cum?

Women and people with vaginas do produce added fluid during a sexual intercourse.

This comes from ‘Bartholins glands’ in the vagina. Extra fluid is coming out from the vaginal wall itself, and from the cervix.

So it’s probable for women and people with vaginas to get pretty wet during sexual intercourse, which gives the impression of a pre-ejaculate (Pre-cum).

How Do We Protect Ourselves From Pre-cum?

It’s crucial to wear a condom even if the person does not ejaculate inside the vagina.

Why? Since you can’t stop the pre-ejaculate from coming out, it does matter what you do.

Not only this can spread sexually transmitted infections, yet it could occasionally lead you to pregnancy, too.

In case you are asking yourself, women also produce fluid before and during sex. It comes from a large set of places, the cervix, the vaginal wall and Bartholin’s glands which is located in the vagina.

And there you have it! Pre-cum in a nutshell! Leave us a comment down in the section and share with us what you think !

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