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The Importance of Sexual Attraction During Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about all kinds of changes, such as appetite and even skin appearance but one big change is the woman’s sex drive. Throughout your pregnancy, you will experience the ups and downs of your libido –quite literally. As a pregnant woman, your sex drive will have major highs and lows which can affect your relationship with your partner. 

There will be days where you will feel unattractive around your partner. Often you will think your partner no longer finds you sexy enough to make love. This can lead to problems in a stable relationship.

But how important is sexual attraction during pregnancy? Because there will be significant and unpredictable changes in your sexual desire and sexual response. What you found sexy before may be a turn off during your pregnancy. Then suddenly something strange and odd becomes a new kink while you’re pregnant.

Then there will be days where you don’t feel attractive at all. Days, where you feel like your partner, do not have any desire for you. No affection whatsoever.

See? Sexual desire and attraction are so confusing! And this is when we realize how important is sexual attraction during pregnancy.

How does pregnancy hormones affect sex drive?

Due to high levels of estrogen and progesterone, the pregnant woman will feel an increase of blood flow in their genitals which can lead to sexual desire. However, this can also cause nausea, headaches and other physical problems that can hinder any sexual activity.

But you don’t need to worry, not all pregnant women experience the same symptoms. Increases and decreases in libido are normal. You will also experience different levels of arousal in each stage of pregnancy.

Most commonly, you will experience low your sex drive during your first trimester. Then it will be at its peak during the second trimester —sometimes this is when the crazy sex dreams come in. By your third trimester, you will experience another low.

There are reports of women who have experienced heightened sexual desire during their pregnancy. Some women feel heightened arousal and more intense orgasms during pregnancy, while other women experience the opposite. Because of this couples start to think about how important is sexual attraction during pregnancy.

The first trimester increased sex drive 

During the first term of your pregnancy, you will experience your breasts getting bigger and more sensitive. Often times this means you will feel pleasurable around the breast area. 

Then your vulva becomes engorged from extra blood flow making it just as sensitive. This could lead to more enjoyable sex.

 This increased sensitivity will fire up your sex drive. Now, this is the perfect time in your pregnancy where sexual attraction is high between you and your partner. You both can try different positions and just have fun! As a pregnant woman, you will feel more sensations than you’ve ever felt before.

For once, your pregnancy works in your favor.

Decreased sex drive

When you are closer to your delivery date, your sex drives decreases. You start to feel fatigued, aches, and discomfort carrying your big round belly. Bedroom activities are far from your mind at this point.

And the pleasurable sensitivities turned to aching pain. Most women report they still feel a little bit of sexual interest but it is different from a watermelon-sized belly. Here is how sexual attraction during pregnancy is important because sometimes the decrease of one’s sex drive stems from self-esteem.

But not everyone will have the same experience there are women who reported not feeling any sexual desire at all during the whole pregnancy. So, this is where sexual attraction during pregnancy is not a priority. 

Make your partner feel sexy

After the sexual high comes the low which makes the sexual attraction in a tough position.

One of the problems with pregnancy is the self-esteem issues that come with hormonal changes. Many of these changes are physical –such as pregnancy mask and acne, which can make them feel insecure or undesirable.

You should make your future baby mama feel sexy. This is how important sexual attraction is during pregnancy. It is about making your partner feel good both emotionally and physically. Sex is great but you do not need to have sexual intercourse to prove your sexual attraction.

It could be a compliment here and there or a kiss every now and again. This helps make her feel desirable. 

She might feel conscious about her weight, remind her it’s the pregnancy, not her figure. Praise her new voluptuous figure by kissing her neck and hugging her close. Make her feel appreciated as both your partner and lover.

Acting on your sexual attraction

If the sexual attraction is high between you and your partner during pregnancy, don’t worry! It is perfectly normal.

Sex is a healthy part of a loving relationship, especially during this wonderful time. It is safe for most women to have sex during pregnancy. But you still have to be wary about protection and safe sex practices. 

If you have questions about having sex during pregnancy, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

It’s more than sexual 

To understand how important is the sexual attraction in pregnancy, you need to make them feel appreciated during this time. Her sex drive is fluctuating due to hormones so she needs reassurance every now and again.

During her third trimester, you can translate your attraction to simple gestures such as sensual massages when her backaches from carrying your unborn child. This shows you are attentive to her needs and empathetic to her pain. 

If she needs a little confidence about her looks, tell her she looks radiant despite the hormonal skin problems. It’s only temporary and even with scars and pigments, she is still the beautiful mother of your children!

Regardless of the fluctuating sexual desire of the pregnant woman, sexual attraction is still important because it is about appreciation as much as desired.

Remember, sexual attraction is more than just sex it is the desire and appreciation you have for your partner.

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