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What Kind of Children’s Bookcase do You Have at Home?

What kind of children’s bookcase do you have at home? Do you have children’s books and a bookcase to house them in your home? Part of anticipating a baby is also ensuring that your home does have a good variety of books and a nice, pretty bookcase to go with these. Surely as parents, you hope your kids can use them later or for you to read to them at bedtime. 

Indeed, reading is vital to a child’s growth and development. And even if you are not expecting a child, you probably have an array of books that are stack in a bookcase or shelves that change every season of the year that you even thought of passing them your kids.

But are your kid’s type of bookcase and reading materials the same as yours? Of course not! They may cringe at the thought of inheriting from you in their adult life an old mahogany huge bookcase full of encyclopedias and news clips of about anything exactly what can bee seen in some old libraries.

Therefore, If you want to encourage your child to have an interest in reading make your bookcase child-friendly, you need to have some ample space for your children’s books, most preferably at the very heart of their own room.

Choosing a child-friendly bookcase

You put and arrange your children’s books on a bookshelf for storage. You can arrange them according to species, animals, cartoon characters, superheroes, and more. 

You can be creative in designing your children’s bookcase. You can go trendy but pricey, old-school, indigenous, a mixture of all of these, among others. But it all redounds to your available resources if you prefer to use some personal touch and do it on your own or you can hire some bookcase maker and designer to do it but still incorporate your kind of ideas into it. 

Whatever you decide to do. You can check out some of these trendy and artful ways to keep and display your kids’ books that will encourage and motivate them to read more as well as surely protect their knowledge-source stuff.

1. Some nice crates 

Probably the most straightforward and simple approach to make some shelves is to pile some wooden cases over one another. You can discover these at many specialty stores for really minimal cost and effort. So as to keep them from falling over, stick them together with some of the best glue, anchoring them into the wall. With these stacked crates, your children can easily reach everything and yo won’t need to stress over the racks falling over on them.

2. Fine metal baskets

The other way to include shelving in a room is to drape a few bins on the wall. It’s so basic. A fun method to blend it up is to turn them on their side and balance them from their base. This will enable your children to effortlessly remove things in and from the racks. 

3. Old Drawer for bookcase

You will totally love this idea of utilizing some outdated drawers from some furniture to use on the walls. It’s a brilliant method to upcycle some old furniture not in use anymore. It is a smart way and cool to recycle old things to make your children’s room look extremely interesting. 

4. Tree shelving 

Have you at any point seen how pretty this tree racking shelf is? This is the ideal bookcase for any kid’s room surrounded by outdoor landscape. It might be tedious to design, but the outcome will certainly be pretty worthwhile.

5. A camouflaged shelving 

This is an idea of making the shelves into something unique. It is shaping a piece of wood to look a lot more fun and aesthetic. It truly changes the shelves into a bit of art. 

6. Your child’s first letter name bookshelf

 An incredible way to relate to your kid is by hanging an amazing bookshelf molded like the first letter of their name. This will serve as a great treat for your children.

7. A dollhouse bookshelf

How unbelievably charming is this dollhouse bookshelf? It can have two unique purposes: as a play dollhouse and as a bookshelf to store books and other artistic kid’s stuff. 

8. An innovative dresser shelving

If you don’t have a lot of wall space in your child’s room, you can be creative by having to use the side of a dresser, especially if you have a small room. It will give you a good stockpiling space. It is additionally useful for your children.

Importance of having a bookcase for your children

It is important to have a nice-looking bookcase for your children at home in their own room for various reasons.

1. Book gives children time for quiet and calmness while sitting down reading.

2. Book stories activate the imagination and play.

3. It provides parents the opportunity to bond with their children while reading to them. 

4. Stories stimulate curiosity and discussion. 

5. It provides children an inspiration to think and reflect.

6. Books with photos provide child readers to develop an appreciation for art and writing.

7. A book exposes children to different languages and vocabulary especially when they are into reading a variety of books. 

8. Children who listen to storytelling develop literacy skills and language development. 

9. Book exposure helps children to understand print concepts such as top to bottom, left to right, among others.

10. Book stories provide children with knowledge and stir and improve their wide imagination.


Parents need to ensure to have extra space for a bookcase for their children’s books and other stuff. It can be tiring trying to arrange all your children’s stuff but it is certainly fulfilling.

That is why parents need to find some creative but fun ways to keep and organize your children’s books in pretty and artsy bookshelves as they provide a great way to store and display as well as keep your children’s books safe. With the presence of the internet, you can find so many beautiful and creative ideas on how to make bookshelves for your children artistic and unique. 

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