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What to Look for When at Baby Garage Sales?

What to Look for When at Baby Garage Sales?

For mothers who to love to shop but in a budget, there are several items to watch out for at baby garage sales.

When it comes to garage or yard sales, they are a great place to find items that you need at an affordable price. You can find a variety of essential baby items to buy at garage sales that you might need for your baby.

Ideal baby items to look for at baby garage sales

If you have heard about several baby garage sales in your neighborhood, it is the right time to check them out. Several baby items are worth checking out at baby garage sales.


Slightly use baby bathtubs are second-hand baby items which are usually at a lower price if compared to a brand new one. This is one of the items that are worth checking out at baby garage sales. Just make sure to carefully check for any cracks or holes. Do not forget to check if the plug is still intact so that the water will not leak out.


It cannot be denied that the number of bibs that you will lose over the years is usually left unsolved. It is time to grab some bibs that you can keep in the vehicle in case of emergencies or leave a few at places you and your baby frequently stay. Remember that you can never have too many bibs. In most cases, they are generally less than a dollar per piece at yard sales. With this in mind, it is time to stock up.


Although this is an obvious one, it is best to stock up on different sized clothes, pajamas, and shoes. It might come as a surprise that you might be lucky enough to find some popular branded items with tags on that only cost pennies. Make sure that you will carefully look for the items that you need which will take some time, but truly worth it.

Seasonal items

When it comes to seasonal items, it usually includes winter coats, snowsuits, boots as well as swimsuits and even diaper covers. Generally, these items are often used only one season because of the rate in which children will outgrow them yet the condition is generally good.


Sound machines and baby monitors are good finds at baby garage sales. Just make sure that you will carefully check the functionality before deciding to buy it. Although some prefer to stick with brand new on these products, if you do not mind even if it is an older model, it is a good way to save some money.


Finding a good stroller is usually hard to come by since they typically get so much wear and tear. If you are lucky enough to find a secondhand one that is minimally used yet in good condition, it is a good find.

Nursery decorations

Many parents shift from the baby-style nursery in just a few years and will sell their décor as a set. If you are going to check out the baby garage sales, you might find these items in bundles such as those that include additional wall décor, lamps, blankets, mobiles, pillows, etc. If you are going to check the brand new options, they can fetch a high price so find a set that fits the style that you need at an affordable price.


Trucks, blocks, dollhouses, cars and other toys that are non-porous are suitable toys that you can find at the yard or garage sales. Try to avoid stuffed animals or baby dolls that have stuffed parts since they are difficult to thoroughly clean and might carry bugs.

In case you find anything plastic or wood that you can wipe clean, these are good choices. If you happen to find books, puzzles, and magnets, they are ideal toys that will be appreciated by the child once he/she is a little older.

Final thoughts

When it comes to baby garage sales, you will find a good selection of items at affordable prices. Keep an eye out for these ideal baby items that can help save money while keeping your stock in check.

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