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What’s the Best Place for Kids’ Clothes

What’s the Best Place for Kids’ Clothes

As parents, we’d love to see our kids wearing comfortable and nice clothes. Providing them with clothing is also one of our responsibilities. To help you find the best place for kids’ clothes, we listed some children’s clothing stores. We also provided links so you can visit their website, see what they have to offer and decide which is the best place to buy children’s clothes online. Since shopping for clothes can be stressful, this list can help you shop online in the comfort of your home.

1. The children’s place

One of the most popular kids’ clothing stores is The Children’s Place. It was founded in 1969 in Connecticut. The company started by selling apparel, accessories, and toys before deciding to focus on apparel for newborns to pre-teens. They have more than 1,000 stores in the United States and foreign locations. Most of their stores are traditional mall stores.

They also have a website where you can place your orders. They are also offering “buy online and pick up in-store” option. Their size ranges include Girls (4-16), Toddler Girl (size 6m to 5t), Boys (4-18), Toddler Boys (size 6m to 5t), and Baby (Sizes 0-18m). They also have shoes, accessories, and uniforms. They also have a “Mini-Me Shop” category on their website where you can find holiday outfits, matching family pajamas, mom & me shirts, dad & my shirts, and a lot more.

Visit their website: 

2. Gap

Gap is a worldwide clothing and accessories store founded in 1969 with headquarters in San Francisco, California. It has more than 3,000 stores (company-operated and franchised) located in over 40 countries. Some brands under Gap, Inc. include Banana Republic, Old Navy, and Hill City.

Gap sells not only men’s and women’s clothes but also children’s apparel (Gap Kids). They have sizes that range from 0-24 months (Baby), 12m to 5y (Toddler), and XS to XXL sizes for the older kids. They have slim styles and plus or husky styles for girls and boys.

Visit their website:

3. Old navy

Old Navy is a popular clothing and accessories retail company owned by Gap Inc. It was founded in 1994 when Gap Warehouse was renamed Old Navy Clothing Co.

Their website contains some categories for kids’ clothing which include Baby (Boys and Girls, 0-24m), Old Navy Toddler (Boys and Girls, 12m to 6t), Boys, and Girls. You can shop for tees, blouses, skirts, and dresses for girls, shirts, and polo for boys, sweatshirts, pants and jeans, coats and jackets, swimwear, pajamas, and a lot more.

Visit their website:

4. Carter’s

Probably one of the most popular baby clothing stores, Carter’s is an American company selling children’s apparel. It was founded in 1865 in Massachusetts. They have their own retails stores and outlets in department stores. They are famous for their newborn clothes and children’s sleepwear.

Their website lets you see some trendy baby clothes for your precious little one. Categories include Baby Girl (Preemie-24M), Baby Boy (Preemie-24M), Toddler Girl (2T-5T), Toddler Boy (2T-5T), Girl (4-14), Boy (4-14). If you’re planning to set your newborn baby’s wardrobe, Carter’s is the place to go.

5. OshKoshB’Gosh

Another one of the best kids’ clothing stores online is OshKoshB’Gosh, which was founded in 1895 in Wisconsin. It’s a children’s apparel company and a subsidiary of Carter’s. It has more than 300 stores across the United States.

This children’s clothing store has 6 categories on their website which include Baby Girl (0-24m), Baby Boy (0-24m), Toddler Girl (2t-5t), Toddler Boy (2t-5t), Girl (4-14), and Boy (4-14). Some of their items include tops & bodysuits, pants, jeans, activewear, dresses & rompers, outerwear, sweaters & hoodies, pajamas, socks & underwear, holiday outfits, and their trademark overalls.

Visit their website:

6. Gymboree

Another kids’ clothing store is Gymboree, an American company that was founded in 1976. It has more than 1,200 retail stores in the United States and Canada. However, the company filed for bankruptcy in June 2017 and in January 2019. The Children’s Place purchased rights to the brand. While you might not be able to see their collections at the moment, they’ve announced that they will be relaunching the Gymboree brand in early 2020.

7. Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace. It was founded in 1994 in Washington. It started as an online marketplace for books but later expanded to sell almost anything from apparel to electronics.

It is also where you can find affordable baby clothes brands and possibly some of the cheapest children’s clothes online.

Visit their website: and search for kids’ clothes from different brands. They also do international shipping.

8. Walmart

Walmart was founded in 1962 in Arkansas. It started as a small discount retailer. Now it has thousands of stores across the United States and operates in 27 countries.

Like Amazon, Walmart’s website offers various products from home essentials to clothing. Under the “Clothing” category, you can search for children’s clothes and even customize your search based on the size, color, price, brand, gender, among others. You can find a wide range of kids’ clothing and the best part is that there are even cheap toddler clothes under 5 dollars.

9. Nordstrom

Nordstrom is a fashion specialty retailer founded in 1901. It started as a shoe retailer and expanded later to include clothing, accessories, bags, and cosmetics. They have more than 300 stores in the United States and Canada.

When you visit their website, you can see kids trendy clothes categorized into Girls, Boys, and Baby. They also have girls’ and boys’ shoes, and baby gear and essentials.

10. Target

Target is an American retailer company founded in 1902. It has more than 1,800 stores in the United States. It sells a wide variety of goods including children’s clothing.

Their website contains Target kids clothes categorized into Girls’, Boys’, Toddler, and Baby clothing. Target offers different types of children’s clothing items and also kids’ clothes from different brands.

11. Kohl

Kohl offers a wide range of kids’ clothes. Their clothes are categorized into Boys’ 2T-5T, Boys’ 4-7, Boys’ 8-10, Boys’ Husky, Girls’ 2T-5T, Girls’ 4-6x, Girls’ 7-16, and Girls’ Plus. Their products include accessories, activewear, coats & jackets, capris & crops, dresses, fleece clothing, graphic tees, hoodies & sweatshirts, jeans & pants, leggings, pajamas, shirts & tees, shorts, skirts, socks & underwear, sweaters, swimwear, and school uniforms.

There you have it. Hope you find the best place for kids’ clothes. Don’t forget to also take advantage of their promos and clearance sale. Have fun shopping for your little ones!

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