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When Can a Baby Use Exersaucer: Is It Good for Baby?

When can baby use exersaucer? Is it a modern-day innovation or danger?

An exersaucer is a fixed toy that is designed like a walker. It possesses a high seat so that the baby can be in the standing form and have fun jumping and spinning while supported in his place. This is a safer choice for the baby walker since it doesn’t have the wheels that allow the equipment to move around. It has various toys and sounds that will entertain a baby for a long period. However, be sure to have a good knowledge of when can baby use exersaucer.

Thank goodness exersaucers have replaced the scary walkers that were gliding downstairs, letting babies reach things and running over everybody’s toes. Some shops still advertise walkers, however, look on the right and pretend you’re not aware of them. Canada has completely banned the selling and using of walkers and we wish companies would take a lesson and ban them as well.   

Exersaucers offers numerous advantages, however, many of the drawbacks that walkers own. It’s useful that exersaucers are unmoving, canceling the dangers linked with walkers, but some threats are still present. They can limit a child’s growth if they are used too soon or too often. Mom must know that babies should have free movement as possible to help her or him develop his motor and mental skills.

When a child can sit with support

You will see when can baby use exersaucer, he can sit with support. But be sure that he can carry his head up and support his back straight. When you choose to place your baby in the exersaucer, you need blankets and cover around them so he will not be unsteady. Make sure that the child’s body is backed all over and that he has good control of his head. When you first start putting the child in an exersaucer, keep him in it for just a couple of minutes. Exersaucer is good equipment that your child will love until he starts moving.

Around 4 to months

When a child is about 4 or 5 months, he or she is ready for exersaucer. By 4 months most children are reaching for many things. Because exersaucers have various toys around his seat, children will have fun hitting and grasping at anything within reach. When he’s 5 months she can determine where sounds and noises are coming from. She will enjoy the interesting sounds and seeing numerous toy lights. She will put and eat her toys, laugh and scream at the vivid colors on every inch of this thing. As she becomes older, she’ll be in the exersaucer for a longer time and she’ll eventually know how to make toys light up, play music or create squeaky noise.

Good leg strength

When a child can put weight on his limbs and carry himself up (while you’re carrying him) he’s most likely prepared to use the exersaucer. Your child will learn how to jump up and won and move from toy to toy while he’s in the exersaucer. When a child has good leg strength, he will be more entertained in his toys. He can stand in the exersaucer, therefore, having a better limb strength can help a baby avoid crashing over while in the equipment.

When the movement of a child is limited, they’re not developing their vital skills that will aid their achievements. So, what are the other things that moms should know about “when can baby use exersaucer?”

Don’t use the exersaucer if your child’s feet don’t hit the ground or base underneath. Children shouldn’t sway from the sling as this could be harmful to their hips and children shouldn’t carry weight across their toes since they’re incapable of getting their feet flat on the ground.

While babies will naturally go up onto their toes while cruising around furniture, weight-bearing through their toes for long periods can put undue pressure on the ligaments and muscles of the feet and cause problems down the road. If baby’s feet don’t quite reach the floor on the lowest setting, place a large book under their feet so they can put their feet down flat.

Don’t let your baby use the exersaucer if they can’t pull themselves up to stand on their own. They still have soft tiny bones, ligaments, and muscles on their legs and feet so it can’t hold weight until they can stand on their own. This is also injurious on a baby’s joints, sometimes triggering “bow-legs”, “knock knees” or disordered ankles. Wait until a child can stand up in their baby bed or on the cradle before placing them in an exersaucer.

Babies can stay in exersaucers for about 20 minutes at a time. They should not be left behind and fixed for a long time. During an alert, fun time, children must get as much free motion as possible and not limited to one spot

When babies can use exersaucer, don’t leave them unattended. They can jiggle themselves out of any equipment in the flash of an eye.

It’s important to still play with your child while she or he is in the exersaucer. Be on her eye level and talk to her, read to her and have fun with her while she’s there. The extra encouragement is very beneficial for the baby’s child development.

Use exersaucers to support his or her balance and core strength. Once the child is developmentally prepared, exersaucers can support his balance skills and core development.


In the end, it’s all about time on the floor. Almost every mother knows when can baby use exersaucer and that a baby can walk early when they are left on the floor. Though it’s not a proven theory, subjective evidence implies that being on the floor without limits helps a baby learn to use her body system faster and stronger.

It’s irresistible to want to buy a pleasurable toy for your baby. But no safety equipment in the world can help your baby learn to walk, turn, move any faster than on the floor. Besides, you can save more money and buy something more important.  

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