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When do Pregnancy Craving Start?

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start?

Pregnancy is probably one of the only times that it is considered perfectly normal for you to crave anything and everything you have never felt the urge to even have before. Fortunately enough, you won’t be called crazy for it. So? When do pregnancy cravings start?

When Do Pregnancy Craving Start?

Most pregnant women approve the fact of experiencing some types of food cravings during their first trimester; and often early on in the first trimester as opposed to later on. So be ready as you’ll be getting to experience food cravings as soon as 2 to 3 weeks into your pregnancy. From there on; it’s a tough battle that you will have to face since these cravings will continue to gather moment by moment into your 2nd trimester; where they’ll show their true colors and all their could and would eventually start to die down in your 3rd trimester.

What About Food Aversions?

As for food aversions; as they are the extreme opposite of food cravings; these can also start as soon as 2 to 3 weeks into a pregnancy.

While certain food textures and smells of food being cooked might cause you some cravings in a mom-to-be; these same textures and smells may trigger nausea in another pregnant woman and result in a food aversion.

What If I Don’t Experience Food Cravings?

Yes, It’s absolutely normal if you go through your entire pregnancy without having to experience any type of food craving at all.50% to 90% of women are said to go through food cravings during pregnancy; which actually sheds anywhere between 10% to 50% of pregnant women who go to send them perfectly healthy babies without being throughout any of these signs of those pregnancy Cravings).

Will These Cravings Continue After I Give Birth?

Fortunately, the answer to that question most of the time is NO. If you ask your doctor, they’ll typically tell you that the cases where women report carrying their pregnancy-cravings on with them to the postpartum stage are very rare.

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Is This Normal? Or Should I Be Worried About It? 

As long as it’s the edible foot that you’re craving, you most likely have nothing to worry about as this is all a perfectly normal part of pregnancy. The most you must do is laugh about it and not have the feeling of being embarrassed. However, if you start experiencing unusual and strange cravings such as ice, paper, clay, dirt and such things, you probably must talk to your doctor about it since it might be a sign of something that needs medical concern.

So! When do pregnancy cravings start? Some pregnant women have had cravings to eat soap, so bear in mind that anything as strange as this must be reported to a doctor right away.

Why Do These Food Cravings Happen?

1) Hormonal Changes.

However, as you have might be heard countless times before, most people have gotten used to blaming these food cravings on hormonal switches the body goes through during pregnancy.

2) Malnutrition.

There’s also the probability of malnutrition and this being one of the ways your body tries to notify you that it requires more of certain nutrients. For this specific reason, it’s absolutely important for you to be taking your prenatal vitamins during pregnancy.

3) Stress.

Let’s face it, pregnancy is a very difficult and stressful time, and food can easily make us feel better and temporarily ease stress.

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What Should I Do About Pregnancy Cravings Start?

1) Draw a Red Line.

Eventually, and although all types of food cravings during pregnancy are absolutely normal, you will have to draw a boundaries red line somewhere. So, take it easy on everything it is that you’re eating, and keep in mind the calories you’re taking on the contrary to the calories that you might be burning in the day time. It makes to wonder when do pregnancy cravings start? After all, making sure you follow a healthy and nutritious diet through your pregnancy is extremely crucial, both for your well being and to give your growing baby everything they have to develop the proper way before they come out of your tummy to the actual real world.

2) Keeping Yourself Busy.

This may sound like it’s easier said than done, but keeping yourself busy and distracting yourself from your cravings actually goes a long way in fending them off. you choose to distract yourself and keep yourself busy is completely up to you, though, as there’s no set book of rules you should follow.

3) Limit Exposure To Temptations.

It also goes without saying that you should do whatever you can to help yourself avoid cravings – such as not exposing yourself to these temptations in the first place. Sometimes just smelling something could trigger a never-ending circle of cravings that you could really do without it.

4) Eat Small, Frequent Meals.

You have for sure been told about the importance of eating small, meals throughout the day during pregnancy.It aids with plenty of host of pregnancy linked problems like helping with digestion, keeping morning sickness suppressed as much as possible, and maintaining stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

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What Can I Expect To Crave Most?

This is probably going to differ from a pregnant woman to another. Although experts in this matter have a hard time detecting the exact reasons why some pregnant women crave specific tastes, flavors, and textures, and others crave all different ones (Pregnancy Cravings).

1) Carbohydrates.

First of all, carbohydrate-heavy foods look to be very commonly craved during pregnancy. And in this case, we’re not talking about the healthy sources of carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables, we’re actually talking about the ones we are always trying to avoid to keep our waistline slim, things like ice cream, doughnuts, french fries, and fast food overall.

2) The 4 S’s.

However, and if you’re like most pregnant women, you’ll find out that your cravings belong to one of the 4 S’s, where you will be desiring either sweet food, salty food, spicy food or sour food or more than just one type at the same time, in some situations.

3) Not Related To Earlier Pregnancies.

There also does not seem to be any relation between what you used to crave in your previous pregnancy and what you must be expecting to crave around this time. It’s seriously one of the most random roller-coasters that you would ever ride, you can never know what your body is storing as a surprise for you!

4) The Weirdest Things.

Another crucial note: don’t be dramatic and don’t start panicking if you go through the weirdest of cravings. While all some pregnant women could want is 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream or some pizza slices, other pregnant women could have the urge to splash ketchup on their bowl of cereal for breakfast; gross.

5) Randomness.

You must also know that it’s absolutely normal if you crave different things on different days. You could be craving sweet food for 3 days straight up, have your cravings go away for the next couple of days, just to then begin craving salty stuff for the next 2 days afterward. Did you enjoy reading about when your cravings will begin? Share to spread the word!

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