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Why do Kids Eat Dirty Things

Why do Kids Eat Dirty Things

One of the most common phenomena is watching your little kid eating dirty things such as chalks, mud, sand, plaster and other dirty things that inedible. As adults, we know very well that these items definitely contain a lot of viruses, parasites, and harmful bacteria, and whatever you did to make your children understand that it may cause a health problem to them when they eat dirty things, they will not listen to you, in the contrary of that, your child will take any chance to put something in his mouth on the heedlessness of you, your kid enjoying doing this activity while you are worried and afraid of the infection that he/she can get from these dirty things.

Why dirty things interest children?

It is suitable for small children to put all the things they have found in their way over in their mouths.

They are exploring and investigating; they are interested and their feeling of smell; curiosity, and taste drives them around to try anything including dirty things.

Most children have no idea about microorganisms or infections and if eating dirty things can harm them as they do that just to satisfy themselves.

As children grow up; this issue will sort out step by step with your guidance and advice.

But; this propensity turns into a worry when children keep on eating dirty and different things during their elementary school years.

This issue is called Pica or Geophagy and might be identified with a healthful lack of calcium, iron or zinc in the body.

Ailing health is another condition that may long for non-sustenance things.

The children create an overwhelming desire to eat these unpalatable things. Pica is very famous in little youngsters up to the age of 6 and also in pregnant ladies. For children; this might be a pointer of formative issues; for example, mental hindrance or chemical imbalance which means autism.


Children like to put different things of not edible items in their mouths; because of their exploring nature and curiosity. but; a child with Pica would actually like to have cravings for editable things more than other normal children.

This phenomenon of eating dirty things will be less for other children who don’t have Pica as they grow up.

There is a statistic that said that children from 1 to 6 years, 10% to 30% of them are likely to develop this eating disorder.

What PICA means?

Pica has been observed to be more famous in kids who have some sort of incapacity and disability such as autism being developed because of the chemical imbalance; retardation, or even cerebrum damage. Not just children; Pica can likewise be an issue for pregnant ladies and those with epilepsy.

The danger of eating dirty stuff for children

Eating dirty stuff, for example, hair, sand, mud, chalk dropping may prompt gastrointestinal issues. There is an expanded danger of such stuff blocking and hurting the digestive organs.

These days, the soil has a lot of chemical contaminated because people use insecticides to spray it.  This makes the soil stacked with microorganisms even those from excrement and sewage alongside pet dung and worms. It might prompt different contaminations and even food contamination. Nonstop eating dirty things that children pick up from the soil and different surfaces may cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and also loss of appetite.


Toxocariasis condition which may prompt loss of vision, flare epilepsy or asthma, is brought about by Toxacora worms found in the defecation of dogs and cats which can discover their way in soil easily.

Depending on the environment (vicinity to manufacturing plants), the soil and dirty things may contain substantial metals, for example, lead and arsenic. Lead is additionally found in paint and wood finishes normally utilized in the family’s house. having a huge amount of lead can harm the sensory system of small kids. Arsenic, another destructive poison can make kids increasingly helpless against creating disease. Eating soil and sand may likewise prompt a lack of iron.

The benefits of eating dirty things by children

With a lot of thinking about the dangerous viruses, bacteria, and the dark side of eating dirty stuff, we are glad to tell that there are also some benefits of this phenomenon.

1. Develops the immune system

When your child eats something dirty as a normal reaction his/her immune system excreted antibodies against outer microscopic organisms that are hurtful for the body. the body makes antibodies and erroneously pulverizes the solid tissues or may not create adequate antibodies to battle disease. Related to this most doctors advice mothers to clean their children as possible as they can because the immune system still training to create antibodies and cleanliness support him.

2. Cleanliness

This is one benefit of eating dirty things, as much as the mother sees her child eating dirty, she cleans him.

When your child mentions that he will be cleaned too many times, he will try to avoid touching dirty things. Also, if all of a sudden countered by it, they are exceptionally inclined to create sensitivities, and this is because the immune system starts to recognize new bacteria.

3. Mineral supplement

soil or mud is full of mineral components and that sometimes helps to supplement the diet.

4. Probiotic properties

The soil has a few microbes that are good for your gut. So having some of it can help digestive functions and leaky gut syndrome.

5. Less stomach pain

White mud contains a substance called Kaolin and it is one of the main ingredients which are used to treat the stomach upsets.

It’s very good to know that some medical companies use mud compounds to create vaccines and help the immune system. Also in the past people cooking food in mud as a method to clean it from toxins.

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