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Would You Be The Reason Why Your Baby Is Born Gay?

When based on a neurologist; the stress and smoking or having an amphetamines amount taken when you’re pregnant is able to have a major role in your baby to develop sexuality fetus; would yoube the reason why your baby is born gay?

There are many academic studies to approve the claim; and that the brain; when affected by fetuses, starts to grow at 2 weeks; if you are introducing toxins into your body that would have an impact on your baby’s development; but there are other reasons why your baby is born gay.

The neurologist approves that pregnant women who suffer from stress; are also way beyond prone to have homosexual children of both genders! Because of their increased cortisol which is the stress hormone; it would have an effect on the production of the usual sex hormones.

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The Reason Why Your Baby Is Born Gay

Even though it’s mostly believed that development after birth does as well crucially has an effect on our sexual orientations; Thus, there’s no proof of this.

Children who are brought up by lesbians are not more prone to be gay or lesbian. And there is not any evidence at all for this almost-myth that homosexuality is a way of life!

As we know, in the 1980s there was an immense complains from gay rights campaigners, who claim his discoveries prove that homosexuality as a medical problem.

However, Professor Swaab states that his opinion is that sexuality is decided in the womb shuts down the argument, it is usually made by conservative groups, that gay people should be somehow cured.

The Reason Why Your Baby Is Born Gay

Lifestyle factors of the mother could have an effect on the fetus, Swaab has acknowledged that genetics actually play the most crucial role in this.

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