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Your Baby’s Food is Your Baby’s Fuel!

Having a baby is the most beautiful feeling in the world. It comes with a lot of responsibilities, but even greater joy and happiness! From pregnancy to birth, to the baby’s growing up years you have the responsibility to ensure sound growth and development. For the first few weeks, the baby is solely dependent on the mother’s milk but very soon you will have to begin introducing other foods to your baby’s diet. The food ate by the baby contributes to overall growth and development. Food is the fuel that keeps the body functioning well. There are many debates about what the best baby foods are. While there are some who are against packaged baby foods, some swear by them and then there are some who integrate both homemade and packaged baby food in the diet.

Your baby’s food

Your baby’s foodThere is no one formula! There are no rigid rules and as parents, you need to find your own formula. Every child is unique and so are the needs and requirements. You need to find the right balance and mix while ensuring that the child is getting balanced nutrition. Just like grown-ups, we need to manage and ensure a proper diet, a baby needs the same. You need to understand the nutritional value of different food products and find a way to ensure proper nourishment throughout the day.

Remember, a baby is completely dependent on you for nourishment. Even though an infant can make food choices and like something better than the others, it is you who needs to balance it out. As the baby grows, needs grow, requirements increase and you need to keep pace with these growing needs. The quantity, variety, nutritional requirement – everything needs to be changed as the baby grows.

Baby’s food is a baby’s fuel because better the quality of fuel means better working of the body and better development. Just like bad fuel hampers a machine, our bodies are hampered by the bad food quality.

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