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Zantac Concerns: is it Harmless for Babies?

Challenges will always be there whenever you become a parent. It’s not about you anymore, but it is all about your children. You set aside all of your own needs and wants for the sake of your children. Babies are very high-maintenance in the sense that, from putting them to sleep, to changing diapers, to the food they eat and the milk they drink, everything must be appropriate. But what happens when your baby gets sick? One of the common issues that babies experience is acid reflux. Let’s find out more about this condition and how Zantac can relieve its symptoms.

Too much production of acid in the stomach and heartburn is a cause of the matter. While letting your baby take any medicines or drugs during sickness like acid reflux, such drugs must be safe and harmless to them. There are too many medicines to cure this kind of problem, and ranitidine sold under the brand name Zantac could be one of them. But as parents, you are hesitant to give this kind of medicine to your baby. This article will discuss the safety of this medicine. This will raise awareness and knowledge about how to use this medicine so that you will not be anxious about giving this medicine to cure your child’s illness. 

What is acid reflux? 

Infant reflux happens when the food a baby intakes tailbacks from his or her stomach. In most cases-, this will cause babies to vomit. Acid reflux can also be called as gastroesophageal reflux. This kind of condition is rare for babies, and when it happens, it will turn out to be a serious matter. 

There’s a chance that reflux can happen to infants several times a day. If such reflux happens, it can be a sign of a medical problem or conditions, such as allergies, an obstacle to the digestive system or gastroesophageal reflux disease. But if your baby is strong, no problems with health and developing very well, then reflux is never a cause of worry.

Zantac for acid reflux

It is a drug that cures or treats extra stomach acid and other related conditions. Its generic name is ranitidine which belongs to a class of medicines called histamine-2 blockers. It can also be an effective way to lessen the acids in the stomach, eases heartburn and other related medical conditions to the baby. 

It is used also to treat ulcers of the stomachs and intestine most especially to grownups because they are more prone to ulcers and diabetes. Drinking Zantact can prevent illnesses from coming back after they have cured. Zantac also relieves symptoms such as a long-existing cough.

Is zantac safe for babies? 

The safety of a drug is always questionable. Regardless if it was prescribed by the doctor or just an over the counter transaction, it should always be examined. Zantac, for example, is one of the many medicines that can be bought over the counter without a doctor’s prescription. It is hard to see a baby experiencing reflux, and if reflux occurs to your baby, buying a Zantac can be of very big help. But always remember to ask first for your pediatrician’s advice before letting your baby take it. 

All medicines that can be bought in a drugstore are safe. But you should always consider the side effects of the medicines. That’s why it is important to talk first to a doctor to know how to properly take it, especially in giving those to your baby. 

Dosage for babies 

Consulting a physician’s advice plays a vital role in your child’s health. One of the minor examples that show significance in asking their advice is about the amount of dosage you can actually give your baby. When it comes to Zantac, the type of Zantac that you can give a baby comes in a fifteen milligram or mL syrup. Of course, it needs a prescription from the doctor since it will be given to a baby. No prescription needed if the child is twelve years old and above. 

Letting your baby take a Zantac medicine should be done 30-60 minutes before you feed them. The dose varies on his or her weight. And medicinal dropper should be used to have an accurate measure. 

Zantac side effects

Just like other kinds of drugs, Zantac can possibly bring side effects to the baby, most especially if not properly used or consumed. These are the common side effects every parent should be aware if they let their child take Zantac.

  • Can cause a headache for the baby
  • Constipation or loss of bowel movements can occur 
  • Diarrhea
  • Frequent vomiting 
  • Rash in the skin
  • Can affect the kidneys 
  • Changes will happen to the body 

Side effects are inevitable because every drug can actually make changes to a person’s body. Always make sure that your doctor is aware of the drugs you are giving your baby, most especially over the counter drugs, vitamins, and even supplements. Giving this information will help the doctor know if deciding to prescribe Zantac is safe or not for your baby.

Wrapping up

To be honest, Zantac is really safe for babies. However, you can only give syrup for babies and that syrup needs to be prescribed by the doctor. The medicines can actually be bought over the counter is never safe for a baby. Only twelve years and older can take over the counter medicines. 

Consulting a doctor is important especially for syrup takers like babies. And the syrup prescribed actually varies on the weight and body condition of a baby. And once you consult a doctor, it is important to understand, read and follow dosage instructions.

It is normal to be hesitant and doubtful about the medicines you let your child take. Once you are in a situation like that, call the doctor right away. You don’t want to make things worse for your child’s condition, right? Just be careful and everything’s going to be all right. 

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