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Kid-friendly Paleo Recipes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

You will be challenged to the highest upon preparing some healthy meals for your kids. As time passed, there is so much information and ideas that the world gets about food. Like GMOs and gluten that are not always nice. Because of the awareness of the possible effects, the processed food can do on health and lifestyles, many decided to have paleo instead. Paleo diet is adapting the cave man’s food or what our previous ancestors used to eat. These are a combination of meats, some vegetables, fruits while avoiding refined and processed foods. Below is a list of kid-friendly paleo recipes you can try for your kids and the whole family.

Breakfast paleo recipes: 

1. Paleo french toast

Many paleo lovers missed out the traditional bread such as all bread-based like the tasty French Toast. Since many kids are picky eaters, you can decrease the tons of options for the first meal of the day. Fortunately, the banana paleo bread is the answer. This involves the delicious creation of the traditional French toast, yet no refined bread, all but paleo. This recipe may not be the original, but the guarantee of every worthy bite is 100%. You can bake two loaves and keep one refrigerated to whip up with this recipe.

2. Chocolate raspberry “oatmeal”

Oatmeal can be a non-paleo-friendly option and most kids won’t like it even from the start. Yet, the chocolate oatmeal will surely win their hearts and tastebuds. This grain-free oatmeal is full of bananas and other coconut-based products (butter, oil, and milk). Plus some gelatin for stronger bones. The main thing you can do is gather all the needed ingredients which mainly are nuts. You can also use some pepitas, sesame seeds, almonds, pecans, sunflower and coconut of course. You may put in a cookie sheet without the need of using oil.

3. Banana pancakes paleo

This is one of the paleo recipes that are so easy to prepare. You will only need a few ingredients and some toppings to come up with this perfectly mouth-watering meal for you and your kids. In a bowl, you will mix the eggs, almond butter, and the bananas. After pouring out, you can start cooking and reach its perfection. To have some Drizzy look topping, you can combine the honey and cashew butter. For you to get the perfect result, you can have the ripe bananas (ones with brown spots already). You can easily create some small-sized pancakes with eggs as a binder. Since the bigger one may break upon flipping. As you pile the huge stack of pancakes on your plate, you may top it with maple syrup, some honey as well as berries for your kids to enjoy it even more.

Lunch paleo recipes:

1. Grain-free tortilla pizza roll-ups

Before going to Paleo, there are still many things you can enjoy eating. You just to need to have wise decisions with your bread products. You can surely shift from flour tortillas for a grain-free option like the tortilla pizza roll-ups recipe for your kids. The non-regular ingredients involve is only the tortillas. The rest are cream cheese, pepperoni, pizza sauce, and basil. This appetizing lunch will surely be appreciated by your adventurous kids. Below are tips on making Tortilla Roll-Ups, the Pizza Style.

  • See to it that the tortillas are in the right room temperature. You can store them in the freezer or the fridge. But before rolling them, they are not cold, this is to avoid cracking and mess.
  • The pepperoni should be thinly sliced, and not too spicy for the kids. If they’re thick, you may find it hard to roll and will just chop it rather.
  • In rolling up, it just tight enough to keep them holding together, then chill before you slice for a better result or output.

2. Nut-free PB & J

Are you not for peanuts? Worry no more. This grain and nut-free peanut butter mixed with jelly is the star of the how. These kid-friendly Paleo recipes are created from a homemade coconut butter being toasted, frozen berries plus grain-free English muffin.  Such a perfect lunch for school days, without worrying your peanut-allergic kids to try out. One of the advantages of taking peanuts out of the show in the classrooms to prevent some kids who have an allergic reaction. In this way, parents would have peace of mind knowing the safety of their children and be fear-free in enjoying their meal.

3. Turkey & bacon lettuce wraps with basil-mayo

This overly nutritious wraps filled away your kids’ school lunch will surely be loved. It is full of protein for them to stay full all day long. You may forget the tortillas for a moment since these wrapped with lettuce. But can still enjoy the crunchy bacon, juicy tomatoes, lettuce, and the basil mayo. Not just your kids will enjoy, but you for sure.

Dinner Paleo Recipes

4. Italian paleo chicken fingers

Chicken fingers and your kids can hand in hand with this non-processed breaded version of the Paleo diet. There are already big symptoms of relief upon having this dinner Paleo recipe. It is just easy to prepare this restaurant-worthy chicken fingers. All you have to do is add some, Italian seasoning, tapioca starch, almond flour and some basics such as garlic. Surely everyone will enjoy not just the kids as you prepare for this heavy dinner.

5. Paleo mac and cheese

It might sound weird as it is, but this Mac and cheese have no cheese and macaroni at all. You might be wondering why it is not called anything else, it is because all love Mac and cheese, so it has been the best substitute for the Paleo friends. The ingredients are coconut milk, sautéed vegetables, egg yolk, and butter. Such a comfortable effect that will not let you be reminded of the genuine thing. Surely kids would love it too.

6. Paleo spaghetti & meatballs

If you have not tasted the spaghetti squash, you miss half of your life. The fluffy and light noodles exactly tasted like the real thing, since you won’t feel so full with the carbohydrates. You ill just add some paleo-friendly meatballs with the homemade sauce, then you can serve in some squash boat, then it will surely be memorable to your kids.

It may be a challenge for parents on how to feed their kids with the needed healthy foods. But, trying the kid-friendly paleo recipes, there is always room for improvement.

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