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10 Best Botanical Baby Names: Inspired by Nature and Environment

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10 Best Botanical Baby Names: Inspired by Nature and Environment

Choosing the perfect name for your baby is challenging. There are thousands of selections to pick from, and it’s hard to discover the proper balance between individuality and tradition. If you are a Mother Nature lover, then botanical baby names are the great concept to follow. There are tons of botanical names to decide from, such as Daisy and Rose, and less popular choices, like Clover.

While numerous plant baby names are for the girls, tree baby names are for the boys as well. Not all these nature baby names originate from the names of blossoms. They also can come from names of herbs, trees, shrubs or entire environments.

Earthy baby names are increasing in popularity these days. The trend is more likely about how much younger generations enjoy nature and the natural environment. Some plant names are fun and very strange, which also attracts the younger moms and dads.


Ash is a beautiful baby boy’s name. It’s a kind of tree whose name comes from the Old English which means “spear.” Variations of the name are Ashley, Ashton, and Asher. 


Clementine is the best name for a bizarre, wonderful baby girl. The possible moniker for this botanical name is endless, such as Cleo, Clo, Clem, Minnie, Emmy, and Tina.

Fun Fact: This name is different from the fruit tangerines. They are both members of the mandarin orange family, however, clementines are sweeter, smoother-skinned and seedless.


Clovers are related to wealth and good luck, especially the four-leaf clover. It’s also the sign of Ireland, where it’s popular as the shamrock. As one of the nature baby names, Clover exudes spirited and enjoyable energy.


This is the first name of a gorgeous blooming evergreen plant. The buds and leaves are used to make good tea. This is one of the earthy baby names enough to excel, yet still, like some common names such as Camille.


Daisies are like small little suns and the name “daisy” makes for a happy, bright, smiling baby name. “Daisy” originates from the Old English phrase dægeseage or “day’s eye.”


This plant makes a pure purple-blue dye with a long history of use in many countries of the world. The dye was used in Egypt, India, Iran, Peru, Africa, and Mesopotamia. Indigo is amongst the nature baby names with lots of character.


Dahlia is a blossom that was christened after Anders Dahl, a Swedish botanist. It’s a famous flower for posies, and the name turns out to be charming as well. Dahlia is still unique and rare, even though it has become popular over the last few years.


The most famous Forrest around is Forrest Gump, but this moniker has a long tradition over that film. The moniker means “dweller near the woodlands,” and it’s an English family name that’s now also applied as a first name. The popularity has decreased for a time after Forrest Gump release, but now it’s expanding again.


Flower names aren’t just for the baby girls. Florian, by tradition, is a boy’s name, derives from the Roman first name Florianus, which comes from the Latin phrase flos, which means “flower.” The first name isn’t that famous in the US, but it is in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. 


This is now a famous girl’s name that most people don’t even know that it came from the name of a plant. Heather as an herb name for girls, that develops in rocky parts and creates beautiful white or pink flowers. It was in the 19th century when the baby’s name was first used.

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