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What Does the Name Aric Mean?

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You are going to have a baby boy! For now, you can focus your planning and options to those that are for boys. And one thing that parents should consider and given full contemplation is giving babies their names. There are lots of suggestions. Finding names is easier today for there are so many baby books with name suggestions and articles about baby names on the web abound. 

You might want to consider a short and yet appealing name for your baby boy. One baby name suggestion is Aric. What does the name Aric mean? It may be short and simple. But behind that simplicity is depth and uniqueness that ay wants you to consider the name.

Basics of the name Aric

Aric name pronunciation is “AIR-ik.” This baby boy’s name is said to be a version of the name Eric. Other variations can include Erick and Irricc.  The name is also the element of Alaric, Frederick, and Richard in reverse.

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When it comes to the origin of the name, Aric has various meanings from different languages.

  • In English, it means “sacred ruler.”
  • In German, “noble leader.”
  • In American and Teutonic, it equates to “noble commander.”
  • In Old Norse, it is associated with “eternal ruler,” “complete ruler,” and “rule with mercy.”
  • In Hebrew, it means “lion of God.” 

Aric characteristics 

As the name meaning suggests, people with the name Aric are born leaders. They use their leadership abilities to influence people and take large endeavors with success. They value truth, justice, and discipline that’s why they often want to play the mediator. They might be quiet and independent but they have difficulty living alone and may need the emotional support that a relationship may provide. They might need somebody to assist them in doing chores and maintaining their living space.     

They are always happy to help if they can. Although they might not say it, they want to be appreciated. The more they feel loved and appreciated, the more they will give the best of themselves. They are also family-oriented who want to put their families first. 

They may excel in technician works and in the field of engineering. They prefer occupations where they can practice their independence to make the most of their creative and artistic talent.  

They can also be irritable that will result in occasional, short-lived outbursts of anger. He seeks independence and he wants to do everything he wants in any manner possible.  

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Famous Aric 

Aric Cushing – An American actor and writer. He is an active member of the Screen Actors Guild and The Horror Writers Association of America. He co-founds the Los Angeles Fear and Fantasy Film Festival. 

Aric Hendrix – An actor known from the movies Momentum, The Color War Ends Tonight and Destined. 

Aric Ho – Asian actor known for the Singaporean TV series “The Return of the Condor Heroes” and “Stand by Me.” 

Aric Anderson – A former player of the National Football League. He was a linebacker of Green Bay Packers. 

Aric Almirola – A Cuban stock car driver known as The Cuban Missile. 

Aric Zanva – In Star Wars, he is a Mandalorian Super Commando. 

Aric Jorgan – Republic’s most capable leader in the Star Wars.

Also in the Star Wars, an aric is a creature with a scale-like coating over its skin. A spiced Aric tongue is eaten and considered to be a delicacy.

Similar Names

Variants: Eric, Aurick, Arrick, Arik, Arick, and Aaric.

Related names:  Aries or Aris, Arik, Aariz, Arash, Aarush, and Archie. 

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Final Word

You might want to consider Aric for your baby boy now that you know what does the name mean. It may be short and simple but behind the name has a great impact under its meanings.

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