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Australian Baby Names for Your Little Prince or Little Princess

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Choosing a name for your baby may be a massive task. You may want to have something unique and original for your baby. In Australia, Australian baby names are not influenced by popularity but they take it by tradition. Most of the time, most famous Biblical names are making a return in the country. Australian-themed baby names have firm sounding ones and gentle sounding ones. Moreover, unique Australian boy names and unique Australian girl names are becoming popular as well. 

Actors and actresses, sports and music also influence Australian baby names and even Australian city names. Popular Australian last names are associated with popular Australian baby names by parents. Still looking for the perfect name for your little prince or princess? Here, we have listed some Australian names and meanings for both boys and girls which were also used in most English-speaking countries and places.

Australian Baby Names for Boys and Girls


A feminine Australian name and one of the most popular Australian baby names which means “the one who is industrious, hardworking” and “fertile”.


The name Ava is often used for girls which means “a bird” or “a living organism of the ecosystem”.


Charlotte is the feminine form of the name Charles which means “freeman”.


Chloe is a girl name which means “fresh”, “blooming”, and “ripe, green, shoot”.


The name Ella is a girl name that has a wonderful meaning. This name means “one who is a beautiful fairy” and “one who enjoys life”.


Ethan is also one of the popular names among the Australian boy names 2018 and this name means “strong” or “gift of the island”.


One of the top baby names in Australia 2018, Henry is still used by many parents which means “estate ruler”.


It is a boy Australian name which means “one who thinks that God is gracious.” 


A boy Australian name as well that means “one who gives light”. The name Lucas is also popular among parents. 


The name Mason is given to boys but it can also be a gender-neutral name. This name means “a person who works as a stoneworker”.


The name Mia is a common Australian girl name that means “the person who is dear to everyone”.


An Australian girl’s name that is also a common one but has a wonderful meaning. This name means “decency with a special beauty”. 


It is a unisex Australian name which means “relaxation”, “restful”, “harmony”, and “calm”.


The name Oliver is given to boys which means “the one who represents the emblem of peace” or “the olive tree”


It is a girl Australian name that means “the one who is closer to the olive tree”.


It is an Australian boy’s name which is a derivative of the name Adam that can also mean “son of Adam”.


The name Aimo also has a Finnish origin which means “generous”, “fair-sized”, “proper” and “good”. This name is often given to boys. 


The name Alirah is a girl name that represents the quartz stone.


The name Alisah is a girl name which means “great happiness” or “huge delight”.


It is a girl name that means “a bright, fair-haired and beautiful individual who is harmonious and powerful like a ray of sun”. The name Alyne is also one of the names associated with the sun. 


An Australian boy’s name which means “auburn-haired”.


The name Bayram is a boy name which means “celebration” or “religious festival”. 


A boy name which means “an oak settlement”, “hardworking”, and “family-oriented”.


The name Celyse is an Australian baby name for girls which means “a heavenly, dim-lighted person”.


A boy name which means “God is gracious”. People with this name have a fun side which can convince people through their nice and jolly attitude. 


Juke is a boy name and people with this name are believed to enjoy their life with full excitement. They can also keep your secrets and cherish your memories together. 

Parents want to break the stereotypical Australian names and give their children unique ones especially when they already have one of the common Australian last names. Have you chosen the perfect name for your child?

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