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10 Ways of Preventing Your Baby From Taking Their Diaper Off

10 Ways of Preventing Your Baby From Taking Their Diaper Off

When you are a mother, you tend to do a lot of things. You cook, you set meals, you do the laundry, you assist the kids and your husband, you take notes of this and that. Wow, that’s tiring and stressful. Maybe that’s why they called mothers as heroes of the household and as the light that shed light to the homes of the families. They can multitask and do a lot of things without any doubt and any complaints. 

You can see their superpowers, even more, when you have little kids and toddlers at home. You will never believe what are the things they could do. Toddlers and babies usually have an attitude to go late at night to sleep. It is the most wonderful time of the day when you are ready to sleep and your baby is just starting to hype up his or her energy and doesn’t want to go to his cute toddler bed and play. Isn’t it wonderful? But that’s not the only challenge of mothers or even fathers about their cute baby. You what the real challenge is? The challenge is that your toddler is taking baby clothes off at night. Would that be possible? Well, that could occur 50:50. Eventually, what if the challenge is your toddler is taking some pull off at night. Wait, what do we mean by the pull of at night?

Alright, let’s put it this way. How about, your baby is 1 year old keeps taking off his or her diaper or your baby keeps pulling off his diaper. Now this one is a real challenge because you might see a lot of pee and poop all around his bed and his mattresses or wherever he or she may be sleeping. So, how was that possible? We’ll eventually try to drop things out here and get some tips and ways of preventing your baby from taking their diaper off. Whether they are asleep or not. 

Taking the diaper off

Your child, baby or toddler or whatever you call your cute little you or blessing may have some reasons why they are taking his diaper off. You will ask yourself “why does my daughter keeps taking her diaper off at night?” Well, maybe you’re little one is not comfortable at all having a diaper and stuff. She is not funded by that kind of softy thing in her or his body. Consider the fact that maybe it is also with the diaper’s brand.

Sometimes, diapers are irritable. (Just like napkin pads, they also have chemicals in it too. But of course, diapers don’t have too many chemicals like the on in pads). It may be something that they feel towards the diaper. Have you checked it upon buying your choice of brand? Your baby’s skin sensitivity is as high as the skin sensitivity of a newborn baby. They tend to feel the itchiness and soreness a lot more when you buy such a thing that deals with skin. That’s why if you notice, media and other doctors recommend bath soaps that are mostly light and have sensitive skin protection. 

Going back, there are a lot of ways and reasons why this could happen. But of course, as a proud mother or father (as a parent), you will do anything for your children and kids even if it will cost you too much. Well, you don’t have to spend so much money in terms of preventing your baby from taking their diaper off. We have some guidelines here on how to prevent them from taking off their diapers. We hope this would help you and can help you lessen your stress and your money cost! You don’t want your kid to take nappy off at night!

10 ways of preventing your baby from taking off their diaper off

1.  It’s time for some potty training

Maybe it’s time to level things up and start rehearsing some potty training with your child. Potty training not only teaches your kid not to poop into his or her diaper but it helps them to become more independent and can help them adjust already. It also teaches them to control their poopy time and poopy manners. Potty training leaves the diaper off alone and off the option! It is one effective way of how to get rid of diaper habit.

2.  Pair it with some pants

Kids will have a hard time when you paired their diapers with some pants. They will eventually freak out and don’t even know where to start to pull off their pants. It’s a nice trick for your kids. It might eventually be effective and can avoid your 2 years old keeps pooping on the floor and just as you may wish he or she might have some child behavior of pulling the pants down. Wow, what a nice combo!

3. Safety-pin Pajamas

Oh, the heroic safety-pin pajamas are the one which could save your day! It is by far that baby couldn’t adjust with too. They will have a hard time pulling and taking away those clothes too. But be careful, you might see a different character because when a child can take off clothes when they are angry! You know, tantrums superpower.

4. Duct tape will do the magic

Just like black magic, sometimes you only need to switch tapes for them not to take off their diapers. It may be odd but duct tape is one of the efficient tapes you could have for their diaper to keep in a stack

5. Pull-ups might be the one

If you are tired of setting and taping things up, why try some pull-ups? Using pull-ups will lessen your time preparing and assembling it for your kids. It will also help you to prevent your child changes clothes constantlyBut nonetheless, you should try this one. Might work though. 

6. Switch brands

Just like what we are talking about, maybe they are becoming irritated with the brand you are using. Why not hop off and try a different brand. Who knows? The new one that you might just have chosen might be the one! Well, that could solve the problem why your 22 months old keeps taking the diaper off. But make sure to get the best diapers for your baby!

7. Make sure that the baby is okay and comfortable

Like what we’ve told, maybe he or she is not comfortable at all. That’s why switching into new brands and trying some pull-ups and pants might eventually work for your baby. This should be the first thing you should assure. Check out for some diaper rash that might happen sooner or later! Make sure that he or she is comfortable with her nappies.

8. Onesie will do some work too

If it is hard for them to remove their parts, it will be much harder for them to remove their onesies. Some mothers do this kind of trick and you can see your baby has nothing to do with it. They will just approach you and told you they have already poop! Fewer worries amiga! Just don’t forget to choose the best onesies options for your baby!

9. Put pants underneath a Onesie,

If things don’t work out, why not bust it out with things you can go all out? Come on, if this thing won’t eventually work. Perhaps your daughter or son, does have a superpower at all. Putting a onesie and pants underneath them will eventually do the trick. Your baby has no reason for taking their diaper off. 

10. Put Pajamas on backward

If anything happens and won’t work, why not try putting pajamas on backward. Sure, this thing might work out now for your kid in preventing your baby from taking their diaper off. Well, at least you tried your very best and make them confused about which is which!

Taking it up

Well for sure, you have a struggle on trying to prevent this thing to occur occasionally. We wished we have helped you in making plans and having some ideas and ways of preventing your baby from taking their diaper off. Well, maybe after this thing, your toddler won’t keep your nappy on but their pajamas and pants on! Remember to get some wipes for babies too since you’ll be needing it for diapers. 

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