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Easy and Affordable Ways to Get Designer Baby Clothes

Gone are the days when fashion and designer clothes are just for teenagers and adults. As famous celebrity kids were introduced wearing fashionable, branded clothing, designer clothes for babies and toddlers are introduced in the market. There are designers who concentrate on babies’ lines making a wide array of choices for parents.  There are parents who want their babies to wear designers’ clothes but don’t want to splurge on it. Let’s be honest, babies cannot wear these pricey pieces for a long time. They can outgrow it in just weeks or months. Although much cheaper than adult items, designer baby clothes can eat up a portion of a family’s budget.  

But the good news is that there are designer baby clothes that are easily accessible and more affordable. Designer clothes are not only for the well-off. So if you are considering designer baby clothes and accessories, here are some easy and affordable ways to get them.

Tips and Tricks  

Tips and Tricks

Go for sales.

Know when to buy baby clothes.  Sometimes, all you just have to do is wait for the proper timing. Be it an off or an end of season sale, a sample sale, summer or spring sale, discount sales are the best time to buy baby clothes at a cheaper rate. You just know how to rummage and search, and you can find discounted designer baby clothes.

Look for flash retailers.

There are retailers who buy off-season goods in bulk like clothes and other items and sell them at a cheaper price. These can be overstocked items, cancel orders or returned goods. You cannot only find clothes for adults but for baby boys and girls too. They offer designer goods cheaper than mall prices. These items are offered only for a short time since they sell out very quickly. So it is better to check their websites often or subscribe to receive the latest updates and products.

Activate notifications and subscriptions.

One can register their emails on online shop sites and customize alerts to receive notifications for products that are available. In doing so, you don’t have to spend time looking and browsing for bargains as they will be the one to notify you in case affordable cute baby clothes are available.

Check for coupons.

There are sites that offer online coupon codes and printable coupons you can use in purchasing different items. It is not limited to grocery items, toiletries, and medicines, baby clothes can also be available. Who knows, there may be baby’s or newborn designer clothes that you can purchase at a cheaper price.

Opt for baby clothes for rent.

Opt for baby clothes for rent.

There are clothes that babies can wear only once or twice. These can include costumes worn on birthdays and other occasions. Some clothes are worn for only 6 months or less as babies can outgrow them very quickly. Instead of buying these types of clothes, there are online and physical shops that offer babies’ clothes for rent. Depending on your agreement and transaction, you can rent it once or twice, or even monthly, depending on your babies’ need for that particular clothing.

Clothes swapping.

Gather married friends in a mom’s night out. You can eat, drink, chat, watch movies and so on. But isn’t it a good venue to do baby clothes’ swapping? This can be a good idea if you and your friends got kids of different ages. Every one of you can bring their babies’ unused clothes and swap it according to one’s baby’s needs. There are lovable designer items that every one of you can take home.

Also, swap shops are available in a community or even online. You can swap items to others for free or with a little monetary charge. Who knows, one’s unwanted item can be other’s new stuff.

Buy second hand.

Hey, don’t feel icky about it. Of course, we are not talking about torn and soiled baby apparel here. There are thrift shops that offer second-hand clothing in almost half of the original price. Some even offer additional discounts to those who purchased many items. 

Just take note to opt for well-cared clothes that are washed, ironed and kept clean. Better wash and disinfect the clothing pieces again before putting it on to your baby to avoid allergies or skin irritation. Check on the buttons, zippers, and clasps to make sure that they are all working. Look also for tear and holes on fabrics and assess if it is still repairable or not. Check on marks and stains if it can still be removed when washed.

Shop online.

You might be an expert in choosing great finds in clearance racks and thrift stores, but don’t forget that there are online shops like Amazon that offer affordable and yet cute designer baby clothes and items.  Today, shopping can be done online in the comfort of your home and cheap baby clothes will be delivered right into your doorsteps with free or minimal shipping fees.

Borrow from friends or relatives.

At no expense, you can have designer baby clothes. Some family and friends can welcome you to rummage their babies’ closets where outgrown baby clothes are available. They may offer old clothes that will not be used in the meantime. You can borrow them. As a courtesy, assure them that the clothes will be properly taken care of and you can promise to return them back once your baby outgrows it. The real owner might be needing those clothes in the future. 

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Wrap up

Babies grow quickly and purchasing designer clothes seems irrational to some parents. But admit it, we all want the best for our babies. We are proud parents when we see how charming and adorable our babies look like in these pretty clothes.  Its fabrics don’t wear off easily and colors don’t fade quickly. 

Good thing, there are easy and affordable ways to get designer baby clothes.  With some tips and tricks, you can have designer items for your babies that can create good, wonderful memories that can also be captured in souvenir photos and videos. Good mementos you can look back even when they grow up.

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