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12 Modern Family Parenting Styles

12 Modern Family Parenting Styles

What kind of parent are you? Are you using traditional parenting methods? Or are you using a new type of parenting?

What is modern parenting? It’s a method where parents combine the principles that have been handed down by the older generation and the new techniques that are used to deal with problems and situations that have developed in this modern period.

Nowadays, parents are now shifting from the old traditional ways of raising their kids to a more modern approach to adjust to the changes that time has brought.

Here are some modern family parenting styles:

      1. Positive parenting 

Positive parenting is one of the modern parenting techniques that focuses on mutual respect and empowering children. It helps build a child’s self-esteem as it uses positive learning.

 Positive parenting involves communicating with your children to teach them and discipline them firmly but kindly. It encourages good behavior as parents become good examples or role models for their kids. 

     2. Attachment parenting

This is also known as intuitive or natural parenting. This modern parenting style aims to strengthen the physical and emotional bond between the parent and the child. In this approach, children tend to think that they are loved because their needs are met quickly and consistently. They tend to develop a positive attitude.

     3. Unconditional parenting

In this type of parenting, parents love their children no matter what. This encourages children to build their own characters rather than change who they are just to feel accepted and appreciated. 

     4. Dolphin parenting

This is a combination of an authoritative yet playful parenting style. It focuses on maintaining a balanced life and is characterized by being firm but flexible. Parents collaborate with their kids to have happiness, health, and success. 

     5. Elephant parenting

In this type of parenting, parents nurture, protect and support their young kids. They tend to dote on their young kids and allow them to be kids without pressure. 

     6. Tiger parenting 

Tiger parenting is a rigid and strict parenting style that involves tough love. It can be seen as competitive because it focuses on the child’s performance and achievements. Parents have high expectations for them. It can be coercive because the parents force their children to do and be their best at school and sporting events. 

     7. Free-range parenting

      This type of parenting uses a laid-back approach and is more lenient compared to other types of parenting. It aims to raise self-reliant and independent kids. It allows the children to have personal freedom, make choices and take risks on their own, thus developing a sense of responsibility. 

     8. Spiritual parenting

It doesn’t necessarily mean teaching your child about religion. But it involves respecting the child’s individuality and allows the child to develop his or her own beliefs. 

     9. Lighthouse parenting

This is a collaborative and cooperative parenting style that aims to balance guidance and protection. It is a problem-solving approach where parents provide love, trust, and guidance while allowing kids to problem-solve. 

     10. Helicopter parenting

The term came from the situation where overprotective parents keep children at a close range, hovering above them (like a helicopter) to make sure that they are always safe. Parents who are overly involved in their kids’ lives and who can’t let go of their kids.

     11. Narcissistic parenting

The goal is for the child to succeed in school and be the best in sports, music, etc. Parents want external recognition and acceptance. It leaves no space for the child to discover his or her own potential because it makes them pursue their parents’ goals and not their own goals. 

     12. Slow parenting

This means living at a slower and more natural pace. It allows kids to pursue their own interests. Parents encourage them to be creative. This approach also focuses on spending quality time together as a family

While there is no such thing as perfect parenting, looking at these modern family parenting styles can help you understand the goals and main focus of these approaches. It can help you compare modern parenting vs traditional parenting. As time passes by, you will know the best parenting style based on your own experiences.

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