14 Weeks Pregnant

In the 14 weeks of pregnancy, there are many changes, Less nausea, hunger, and more energy, this is due to the fact that it was possible to build new buildings. After 14 weeks of pregnancy, your baby weighs as much as a peach, 3.4 inches tall, and 1.5 ounces. Your baby weighs almost twice since last week and is growing in the 14th week. The week is still fast. 

14th Week Pregnant Signs

14th Week Pregnant Signs
14th Week Pregnant Signs

At 14 weeks pregnant, it can reduce the symptoms of the first trimester. But don’t be surprised. Here are some signs of pregnancy that you may feel at 14 weeks of pregnancy:

1. Round Ligament Pain

I think it’s time for pain when muscles and ligaments stretch and react in the future. At 14 weeks of pregnancy, seizures are mostly caused by pain in the swivels ligaments, but if you have any problems, consult your doctor immediately.

2. Increased Energy.

If you come out of the hard times of the first trimester, you will probably regain your energy.

3. Increased Appetite

If your morning nausea subsides, you may overload your appetite. Remember that you have a growing feed of your baby that you eat. You need to eat an extra 300 calories. If you are pregnant with twins for 14 weeks, you should take about 680 extra calories per day from the second trimester onwards. Prepare a lot of healthy snacks if he starves. It is important for you and your baby not to be overloaded with too much fat or lard.

4. Thicker and shinier hair.

You will find that your hair is greasy and bright, which is one of the few amazing side effects of pregnancy.

14th Week Pregnant Tummy

14th Week Pregnant Tummy
14th Week Pregnant Tummy

In the 14th week of pregnancy, a stomach can be painful or excruciating just because the uterus has grown in size.

Do not be surprised if at 14 weeks of pregnancy weight gain increases very quickly. If you initially had an average BMI, your doctor will ask you to take it from 14 weeks of pregnancy that will take about 1 to 2 pounds per week. If you are 14 weeks pregnant with Twins, your desired weight gain is up to 20. A week during which I need to start earning more about a single mother. In fact, if you have a low weight Begi nor a high BMI, your doctor will recommend a small different weight gain goal.

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14th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

14th Week Pregnant Ultrasound
14th Week Pregnant Ultrasound

They are usually on ultrasound in the first trimester, and only after an anatomical examination, they are again subjected to ultrasound.

If you look at your stomach for 14 weeks, you will see that the baby squats and sucks his thumb.

A child at 14 weeks of age, the kidneys produce urine, and the liver and spleen do their job. All in all, it helps in keeping his body warm, so you might be surprised to hear that a 14-week-old baby has thin as well as soft hair.

14 days week of pregnancy, the sex of the baby on ultrasound may be difficult. If you want to know if it’s a boy or a girl, you can learn anatomy analysis in a few weeks.

Useful Tips:

– Dental visit

– Find a fun way to announce your pregnancy

– Explore and sign up for delivery classes.

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