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17 Old Wives Tales About Pregnancy that you Should know

Back in time, “old wives tales about pregnancy” were the standards of determining a baby’s gender. But now pregnant moms can get an ultrasound at 20 weeks or take a blood test as early as 10 weeks to find out if they are having a girl or boy. Pregnancy is one of the few times that you can experience real surprise in your life. But, if you’re expectant and excited about the gender and want to compare the old wives’ tales about pregnancy, then we’ve got you covered!

None of these fables are scientifically established, but they’re excited to try. There’s a 50/50 chance that the “old wives tales about pregnancy” will be right. Sure, you will know the real gender around your due date.

The following are the most popular “old wives tales about pregnancy” that you must know:

Grumpy vs. relaxed

If you’re feeling grumpy than your usual, your baby might be a girl because of all extra female hormones. If you are more mellow and calm, a baby boy is coming.

Bearing high or low

This is an old wives tales about pregnancy you will hear repeatedly. Based on the folklore, if you’re bearing high, expect a baby girl and if you’re bearing low, you’re expecting a son.   

Morning sickness

Myth foresees that if you’ve been experiencing excessive vomiting and morning sickness when you’re pregnant, you might be expecting a girl. If you haven’t had thrown up throughout your pregnancy, you’re having a boy. Unfortunately, this pregnancy sign doesn’t judge and usually happens during early pregnancy.

Pregnancy glow

If people around your circle are noticing your glow and your skin is as clear and bright as ever, then you might be having a boy. You will be having a girl if people are asking if you’re feeling tired, having a breakout.  

Form of your baby bump

This is another tale you often hear with your elders. If your bump looks like a basketball and you’re carrying all your extra baby weight out front, then it’s a baby boy. You might be having a girl if you’re carrying your pregnancy weight around.

Eye test

Face the mirror and check for a minute long. If you see your pupils enlarging, it’s a baby boy for you.

Craving sweet or salty

This old wives’ tale about pregnancy was true for some mothers. If you’re craving sweet things such as chocolate, desserts, and fruits, the stork might be bringing in a baby girl. Craving for salty and sour foods like chips, french fries, and pretzels, it means you might have a boy.

Linea nigera

Some moms are stunned to see a “dark line” on their baby bump which is called linea nigra. Rumors are if that line goes above your belly button, you’re having a baby boy. If it ends at your belly button, you’re expecting a baby girl.

Ring test

Of all the old wives’ tales about pregnancy, this is the funniest. To have the ring test, you need a strand of your hair and a ring that you always wear, like your wedding ring. Tie the hair around the ring and rest. Have someone droop the ring over the bump and hold still. If the ring begins to push in circles, you’re expecting a girl. If the ring moves like a pendulum, it’s a boy for you.

Blood pressure

A study uncovered that if a pregnant mom has a high blood pressure26 weeks before her delivery, the more possible it’s a boy. Thus, if you had a doctor’s meeting before you tried to be pregnant, remember and check what your blood pressure was, it could be the scientific reason to whether you’re carrying a little girl or boy.


Some mothers are clumsier, but if you find yourself clumsier than your usual during pregnancy, you might be expecting a boy. If you are still and in control of your body, baby girl is on the way.

Garlic test 

This test is kind of unpleasant, so a pregnant mother must continue with caution. If you can eat a lot of garlic but not smell it, it means you’re having a girl. If you eat garlic and the aroma leak out of your skin, then it’s a boy for you.

One breast bigger than the other

It’s usual to have one boob bigger than the other. During your pregnancy, it’s also common for your boobs to get bigger and if you notice that your boob is bigger than the left, you might be expecting a son. And it’s a girl for you if you’re left boob is bigger.

Cold feet

Are you feeling cold during your pregnancy? If so, you might be having a boy. If you feel warm, it’s a girl for you.

Color of your urine

This may sound strange, but is your urine is brighter yellow than usual, you’ll have a daughter. If your pee is dull yellow, baby boy is coming. (Obviously, being hydrated plays a vital part in this, however, if you’re consistent with your water consumption, observe if you notice any differences.)

Baby’s heart rate

A baby girl’s heartbeat is faster than a baby boy. And so, at your next ultrasound appointment focus more on your baby’s heart rate. If your baby’s heartbeat is faster than 140 bpm, then it’s a baby girl for you. It’s a boy for you if it’s slower than140 bpm. Moreover, you must wait until you’re over the first trimester since baby boys have higher than 140 bpm in the first trimester. Baby boy’s heartbeat slows down after that phase.

Partner’s weight

If your husband or partner is gaining excessive eight together with you, this is called “sympathy weight”, could be the symptoms that you’re expecting a girl. If his body weight remains the same, it’s a baby boy.  

The bottom line

Therefore, based on these old wives’ tales about pregnancy, do you think you’re expecting a girl or boy? Or if you’ve already given birth, how many of these tales were true for you?

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