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Top Baby Activity Mats with Unique Features

A baby activity mat is a convenient play area that you can take wherever you go. It comes in different shapes, sizes, styles, color and is equipped with features that can be helpful in the developmental phases of the baby. For a first-time mom, it is a confusing task to choose the best activity mat that will suit your baby’s needs because of the wide range of baby mats to choose from. There are different factors to consider in choosing the best activity mat for your baby. In this article, we’ll show you the top baby play mats in the market and what aspects do we like about each play mats.

Baby activity mats are also termed as a play gym because these mats enable the baby to enhance and develop different skills that prepare his body for further growth. The use of a baby play mat is also a good substitute for a baby walker which is considered as dangerous. Through playmats, the baby is not only safely positioned on the ground but they also tend to do different kinds of activities that are beneficial to them.

1. Infantino 3-in-1 Grow with me Activity Gym and Ball Pit

This is a visually appealing activity mat that will give your baby hours of enjoyment brought by the different activity toys that are equipped on this mat. It aims to enhance the baby’s cognitive and motor skills. Itis shaped like a turtle wherein in the turtles head is where the 40 colorful balls are stored. This is a secure and safe place where you can let your little one crawl and explore different kinds of things because it looks like a ring surrounded by cushioned barriers. It has a total diameter of 24 inches and is 9.5 inches high.


  • It includes toys that are toxic-free and child-friendly.
  • The activity mat is surrounded by colorful textures and shapes to practice the baby’s sensory senses.
  • Surrounded by a transparent mesh so that you can still supervise the baby even if you are outside that mat area.


  • Hard to clean because it is not machine washable.

2. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music & Lights Deluxe Gym

This playmat is not just an ordinary playmat because it is equipped with forest-themed 20 different kinds of music and lights that respond to the baby’s movement. The package includes at least 10 colorful toys attached to the toucan were their lights and sounds came from. As the baby moves, the playmat will play music with lights making the baby kick or move his body encouraging the enhancement of some developmental skills such as the sense of hearing. The overall matt is also physically attractive with all the colors and animals prints that enhance the baby skills


  • Interactive play mat that encourages the baby to move.
  • A versatile mat where the baby can lie, play and practice crawling.
  • It can be used until the toddler age.
  • The music has a play mode of up to 20 minutes.


  • Constant monitoring of your baby as they can move out from the playmat because it is an open area.

3. Fisher-Price First Steps Kick and Play Piano Gym

This is a musically inclined baby piano mat that is equipped with educational toys making it a great way to introduce shapes, numbers, and colors. IIt’spiano keyboard has 5 light-up keys that play different music due to its Smart Stages technology, you can change that learning content in the settings to match up with the baby’s developmental stage and age. The sensory skills of the baby are enhanced because the playmat is surrounded by bright colors, different texture variety, and exciting audio. Its gross motor skills are also developed because when the baby is placed in a play mat, he will kick, push and reach different things allowing its muscles to move to be ready for the next activities to come. 


  • The sounds in the piano mode can be personalized depending on the age of the baby.
  • It is equipped with extra padding for added comfort and protection.
  • Two colors play mat to choose from.
  • The arch and piano are removable.


  • The dimensions of the play may be a bit small, there is not enough play space.

4. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

This is a travel-friendly play mat that you can bring anywhere. Your baby will truly be delighted with this colorful and beautifully made play mat that will encourage your baby to have more tummy time. It is called an activity gym because when your baby does a tummy position, he is like in a gym that doing his exercise. The tummy time is an important activity for babies because, with this, the body gets endurance in preparation for the baby’s walk time.  It is equipped with four linkable toys to hang on top of a large baby mat.


  • It is polyester-made that indicates its durability and comfortability.
  • In just three steps, it can be assembled easier; push and click, twist, and fold.
  • It is equipped with a large peek-a-boo mirror that entertains the baby.
  • It has propped up pillow for added support during the baby’s tummy time.


  • The prop up pillow is a bit slippery against the polyester mat.

5. Skip Hop Baby Treetop Friends Activity Gym/Playmat

This nature-inspired graphics and texture play mat is equipped with a mirror that will change the mood of your baby happy full of giggles. It promotes comfort and safety because the surface of the playmat is equipped with multiple fabrics. In just two minutes, this can be assembled/disassembled easily. It has a total of 13 loops where you can add more toys to the included 4 toys allowing you to place at least 17 toys to entertain your baby.


  • The mat can be converted into one large mat for more space when the baby crawls or have tummy time.
  • Easy to assemble for easy storage or transport.
  • Washing-machine washable.
  • GIves comfort due to the texture of the fabric.


  • It is not equipped with lights or sounds.

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