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Hairstyles for your Girls: Dress up your Toddlers Locks

It’s a girl! You are so happy to know that you are having a girl this time. Moms are already thinking of so many things that she can do with her little girlie. Planning to make her your mini-me? That sounds like fun! And there are also so many perks of having a girl as a baby. Aside from pretty dresses and cute little shoes, adorable ribbons, bows, and hair ties sound exciting too.

Not all babies are born bald. Some were born with hair. According to professionals, hair growth varies on every child. Some can have thick hair by six months, while others have it as late as two or three years old.

Some hair care tips for kids

Kids’ hair need not be washed every day. Doing it three to four times a week is better. It is advised to choose a natural, no-tear shampoo and those that are infused with natural vitamins and antioxidants. Shampoo’s pH should not exceed 5.5 for kids.

Gently squeeze the water out of your kid’s hair with a towel. Rubbing too hard is not advised since it may cause breakage and hair fall.

Use a wide-tooth comb so as not to pull a lot of hair. Leave the hair loose when wet.

Massage the hair using natural oils to promote blood flows to its roots and stimulate hair health and growth.

Eating green leafy vegetables, which contains vitamin E is good for hair growth. Protein in eggs and fish also helps for healthier locks.

Hairstyles for your toddlers

Be it straight or curly, black, blonde, brown or red-haired, here are many hairstyles that can be great for your toddler princesses.

Half hair bun. A half hair bun is a good substitute for “whale-spout.” Simply half the hair at the back, gather the top portion with the hand, smooth all bumps and secure with an elastic just like a pigtail. Begin wrapping the hair around itself and secure with an extra elastic. You can also add a little bow.

Layered ponytail. This is ideal for toddlers with short hair. Starting at the hairline, pull a wide section back and affix it with an elastic. Split the hair in the pony into two. Gather the first half with an equal-size section from the side and secure with an elastic. Gather the next half and do the same. Repeat the procedures for the next and last layer. Pick the tails up and secure with an elastic. You can add a bow for a prettier look.

Twisted pigtail. Get the top section of the hair and secure it in a bobble (pompom like) on the left side of the head. Divide the middle section into two and secure each with a pigtail. Take the bottom of the hair and tie into a bobble, this time on the right side of the head. Make a twist braid with the top left section and tie in the right pigtail. Make another twist braid with the bottom right section and tie it into the left pigtail.

Pull-through braid. Gather the hair into three vertical ponytails going down to the center of the head. Secure each section. Get the top (first) ponytail and split it into two equal parts. Take the second ponytail through the middle of the top pony and clip out of the way. Merge the two sections of the top pony to the third ponytail and secure it in a bobble. Clip the second pony, tie in a bobble. Put the underneath ponytail through using your fingers and repeat. 

Bubble mohawk. Get the front part of the hair and tie in a bobble using an elastic. Pick this ponytail, add some hair from both sides and tie again in a bobble. Pull the little section of hair between the two bobbles to form a mohawk effect. Repeat the procedure up to the nape. Add bobbles up to the bottom of the ponytail, pulling on the sides to create a bubble effect.

Braided bubble ponytail. Gather and tie the hair in a ponytail. Take a small section at the center of the pony. Braid it to the end and tie with an elastic. Take another elastic and tie the ponytail, about two inches from the top. Using your fingers, gently pull the sides of the section. Repeat the procedures down to the bottom of the ponytail. Remember to pull sides of the sections to create a bubble effect. You can add a bow or a clip.

Side Sweep. This is simple and easy and yet very pretty and ladylike. Part the girl’s hair on one side. Pull the entire front of the thicker side. You can use a strong clip to hold the hair. Or you can affix it with an elastic and decorate with a pretty bow. It’s that easy.

Kiddie French Braid. Part the girl’s hair on one side. Gather the hair in three small sections. Alternately, cross each section over to the middle, gathering more hair before you take from one side each time. Repeat the procedures until you reach the end where you can tie the braid with an elastic. It can be a little below the ear or the nape for longer hair.

Multi-twisted ponytail. This one is also easy to create. Pull the hair back, just like making a regular-mid height ponytail. Divide the tail into as many smaller sections as you want. Twist each section and secure with elastic bands at the tips.

Bangs braid. Your girl’s hair may be short but the bangs keep hanging over her pretty face. Bang braid can be a choice for her. You just need to part the hair on one side, gather all those bangs and braid it, French style. Tie with an elastic. 

Triple twist and braid. To get the style, part the hair into three sections – a horizontal one across the head, and two at the back, with a center partition. Pull the top section and tie in a ponytail on the left side. Divide into three parts. Twist each of the smaller sections and tie with elastics. Braid each of the two remaining bigger sections. Feed the twists into the right braid. You can use a pair of the bow as a finishing touch.

These pretty toddler hairstyles for girls can create bonding moments between mothers and daughters. Cherish these wonderful moments together. Sooner or later, your daughter will be experimenting with hairstyles on her own. In the meantime, just take and savor each moment as it comes.

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