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21 Weeks Pregnant

Whatever name you choose for your Baby, you will probably think that it is even more perfect when you meet your future little joy.

In the 21st century. However, during the week of pregnancy, I prepare my house and not only choose my name. In fact, it can be difficult to choose baby protectors and replacement pillows, but you should do so in the 21st century. Do not stress pregnancy week. Believe us, Baby it doesn’t matter if you choose a pack and play with a local carpet.

21st Week pregnant signs

21st Week Pregnant Signs

The most popular 21 weeks pregnant signs are sort of like a sneak peek of the 3rd trimester. Here’s what you could be feeling when you reach week 21 in pregnancy:

1. Heartburn Or indigestion

Avoid sharp food and other foods. If your cause of discomfort is a mystery, it may be helpful to keep a food diary to discover it.

2. Braxton hicks contractions

Your womb can sometimes feel tense as this is an exercise for work. This is normal, as long as the contraction disappears when you change the Position. Talk to your doctor about pain and contractions that do not stop.

3. Leaky boobs

If you arrive early, your milk intake will be fully expanded during the quarter.

4. Dry, itchy skin

Your skin stretches over your growth impulses, which stimulates you more every day. Keep your skin moisturizing with oils and body lotions that become slightly pregnant and alleviate itching. If you get a rash, please contact your doctor immediately, as this may be a sign of an unpleasant pregnancy.

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5. Stretch marks

When the Baby grows, the skin becomes thinner and small tears occur on the skin surface. Stretch marks are more common in some women, simply due to family history and sudden weight gain. They are more common in twins and 21-year-old women. There is no way to remove the stretch marks during the week of pregnancy, but they should disappear as far as possible after birth.

21st Week pregnant tummy

21st Week Pregnant Tummy

This week you can ask yourself if you look in the mirror. If you are in the 21st century. It was built in the 19th century. Pregnancy weeks are pregnant and 21 weeks pregnant twins, perhaps they take about 13 to 14 pounds and about 21 pounds.

With your new curve, you can feel super sexy and confident. Because wherever you go, you are careful! But you can also feel fat with extra weight. Remember, you should increase this weight! That’s good for you and your Baby.

If you feel a little out of place in your body, think of all the amazing things he does. With 21 weeks fetal movement is recognizable, and the Baby also has reflexes. If you gently press on your belly with your palm, you may feel that you are pressing back slightly.

21st Week Pregnant Ultrasound

21st Week Pregnant Ultrasound

While the baby’s digestive system is preparing for the outside world, it produces meconium, which is oddly black, as it is found in the first dirty diaper.

I am not thinking of future grandchildren, but the reproductive system is also growing. If it’s a girl, she already has about 6 million eggs in her belly. And if you have a boy, his testicles will always be on his stomach, but he will fall when the scrotum is over a few weeks later.

If you have an ultrasound this week for your pregnancy, you can look at this 21 weeks old Baby. This 21-week ultrasound will surprise you! The Baby is not only displayed on the screen, but also details such as the brain half and the heart chamber are displayed.

To find a boy or a girl is an exciting Moment! But if you want, you can keep that Moment later. Future parents are waiting for the Baby to be born to know the sex. You can also ask the technician to record your baby’s gender, put it in an envelope, and take it home. Then you can plan the part of the sexual revelation, to discover him, while surrounded by family and friends.

Useful Tips:

– Plan Your Blood Glucose Test.
– Start planning your baby shower.
– Filter your list of baby names.

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