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Leaking Breasts in Pregnancy – Why Does it Happen?

Leaking Breasts in Pregnancy - Why Does it Happen?

During pregnancy, your body will be experiencing numerous changes. One of the changes that you may wish to be happening in a normal situation is the curvaceous pregnancy breasts. But leaking breasts is happening, and sometimes the nipples discharge is annoying, primarily when it occurs during an office meeting or in public place.

Candidly, leaking breasts in pregnancy are pretty normal. During pregnancy, your body is discharging the prolactin, the hormone that promotes milk production. As the prolactin levels are pouring, the pregnancy breasts are revitalized. The breasts will be filled-up with colostrum, the first form of breast milk. It marks that you will be ready to feed the baby ones he comes out to the real world.

Meanwhile, the estrogen developed by the placenta will function to prevent the secretion of milk, pacifying it until the baby arrives. There are times that the prolactin and estrogen do not balance. It is like gas and the brakes, sometime the accelerator will override the stopping. Even though there is the presence of control, a little bit of milk will still leak out

Breasts changes that you will be experiencing during pregnancy

  • Growing and enlargement
  • Soreness and highly sensitive
  • Nipples and areolas are getting dark because the hormones are affecting the pigmentation of the skin
  • Noticeable darkening of veins along with your breasts because of the blood supply is increasing to your breasts
  • Your breasts will start leaking a yellowish and thick substance called the colostrum
  • Nipples are sticking out, and the areolas and nipples will grow larger
  • Montgomery’s tubercles will surface in the areolas.

How do leaking breasts in pregnancy can happen?

The estrogen that exists in your body system will keep the right mild production. But when stimulation happens to the nipples, it can trigger the milk to come out. The stimulation can happen in several ways. Your breast gets stimulation in any foreplay and will result from the discharging of a few drops. There are undertakings that nipples are stimulated such as rubbing against your clothing during brisk walking, and Zumba dancing that can cause the breast leaking.

The pregnant body will generally act in making sure all systems will function, and it includes your milk production system. The Colostrum, which is the first milk your baby will intake, contains more protein but less fat and sugar. The baby can easily digest in the early few days after birth. It’s also entirely in antibodies (i.e., immunoglobin A, or IgA) that the baby has not to encounter in the womb.  It helps safeguard the baby from germs that can infect the mucous membranes of her throat, lungs, and intestines. After your delivery, your breast milk will usually “come in,” which is whiter in color and increase in amount as long as the baby continues and consistently latch.

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The experts are saying that colostrum starts to develop in the 14th week. Some women go without leaking and do not have a few drops of milk is still reasonable. However, if you experience leaks and notice some thick discharge of blood spots, then it is time to visit your Ob-Gyn. It is probably a sign of mammary duct ectasia. There is clogging of the milk duct which can be treated by your doctor.

How long does breast leaking will be happening?

Usually, the breasts will not start to outflow not until the third trimester. However, there are situations that leaking begins as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy. If the breasts drip near the beginning of your pregnancy, there is a visible fluid that is very thick and yellow. On the way to the end of pregnancy, the colostrum will become whitish and watery. So, even if your breasts will start to drip in a very early stage of the pregnancy, it’s certainly not an indication that the baby will be born prematurely.

The marks of premature labor will be regular and increasing intensity of contractions, back pains, vaginal pressure, vaginal discharge, bleeding and decreased fetal movement. Your breast will not be a symptom of any preterm labor.

How to properly manage the leaking breasts in pregnancy?

The truth is you can never stop your breast from leaking. But you can manage to ease the situation;

  • You can apply a little pressure. You can get a bit press your hands gently against your nipples. Another way of doing is to cross your arms over your boobs. If you’re sitting in a table, you can serenely cup your jawline with your hands then pressing your forearms into your breasts.
  • When the baby arrives, you should feed regularly. 
  • Buy and use breast pads. It is better that you buy them in bulk. You can carry the breast pads everywhere. You can immediately change them when they become damp to stop your nipples from becoming sore. Wear them even at night to feel comfortable during your sleep.
  • Wearing patterned tops will work effectively to conceal milk stains.
  • Always carry some spares of bra and top in your bag.
  • Instead of worrying, take it as an opportunity to get the experience and leaky boob story to tell with your mum-friends.

If breasts do not leak, do I have milk problems?

Be aware that not all moms also do experience leaking breasts in pregnancy. The leaky is reliant on how the tiny muscles at the opening of the nipples will work. These muscles are the ones that are squeezed and work to open and close and allow the milk to flow. If the muscles are very functional, then the breasts will likely not leak.

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