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25 Cancer Baby Names

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25 Cancer Baby Names

What are some names for babies born under the sign of Cancer? Before we give you the list, let’s look at some background on the fourth sign of the zodiac.

People born between June 21 and July 22 have this zodiac sign. The symbol is the crab and the ruling celestial body is the moon. The main element is water.

Also, Cancers are said to be loyal and sympathetic. They care about their family and their homes. They are very supportive and loyal to their friends. It is normal to see friendships that last a lifetime. They are also intuitive. Cancers are also sensitive and value affection. They are compassionate.

One of their strengths is their adaptability. They are flexible and tend to go with the flow, just like their main element (water). They are also dependable. They honor their commitments and are trustworthy.

Some perfect names for Cancers have something to do with the celestial body and the element that are associated with the sign. The names may also have meanings that show the traits of people born under this sign. Naturally, names that mean “moon” or are related to “water” are good names to give to Cancer babies. Also, names that sound like “June” and “July” such as “Jun”, “Junie”, “Julius”, “Julian”, “Julie”, “Julianna” may be chosen by parents of babies born in these months. Since it’s summer in July, parents may also choose names related to this season. Names that mean “sun” or nature-inspired names can also be nice choices.

Here are some baby girl names for those born under the Cancer sign:

some baby girl names for those born under the Cancer sign

-Amaris – means “child of the moon”. It can also mean “God has promised.”

-Brooke – means “small stream”. It has an English origin.

-Diana – a popular girl’s name of Latin origin. It means “divine”. Diana is also the name of the Roman goddess of the moon.

-Julia – means “youthful”. It’s a perfect name to give to a baby girl whose birthday falls in the month of July. Other variations are “Julie” and “Julianna”.

-Juliana – a feminine version of the name “Julian”, a variation of “Julius” which means “youthful”.

-Juliet – a diminutive form of “Julia”. Other variations are “Juliette” and “Julietta”.

-Kelsey – an Old English name that means “one who lives by the water”. Another meaning is “victory ship”.

-Lily – an English name that means “lily flower”.

-Luna – an Italian name that means “the moon”. In ancient Roman mythology, Luna is the personification of the moon.

-Phoebe – means “bright” and “shining”. It is of Greek origin.

-Ruby – an English name that means “red gemstone”. It is also the birthstone of July.

-Selena – a Spanish name that means “moon”. It is from the Greek name “Selene” which also has the same meaning.

Here are some baby names for boys born under the Cancer sign: 

some baby names for boys born under the Cancer sign

Allen – an English name that means “little rock”.

Apollo – means “destroyer”. It is also the name of the Greek god of the sun.

Beckett – an English name that means “beehive”, “little brook”, or “bee cottage”.

Douglas – a Scottish name that means “black water”

Edward – an English name means “wealthy guardian”.

Ethan – a Hebrew name that means “firm” and “strong”.

Fidel – a Latin name that means “faithful”.

Henry – a German name which means “ruler of the home.

Kai –Hawaiian name that means “sea”.

Jericho – a Greek name that means “moon city”.

Julius – a Latin name that means “youthful”.

River – an English name that means “stream of water that flows to the sea”.

Sebastian – a Greek name that means “venerable”.

Warren – an English name that means “guard”.

If you are giving birth during the period covered by this sign, you may want to consider the Cancer baby names on this list. Got any other ideas for Cancer baby names? Share your thoughts.

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