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30 Beautiful Hawaiian Names for Girls

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Your beloved daughter deserves a name as precious as her. You may want to choose a name that honors your culture and origins or a name that has a special meaning.

Hawaii is an American state composed of islands. It has a warm tropical climate and beautiful beaches. It is also a very popular tourist destination. If you have Hawaiian roots, or if you are just considering getting a Hawaiian name for your baby, you may want to look at our list of Hawaiian names for girls. We also included their meanings and pronunciation to help you come up with the perfect name for your precious princess.

1. Alani – This name means “orange tree”. It is pronounced as “uh-LAH-nee”.

2. Alana – This name means “beautiful” and “fair”. This also means “precious” in Old German and “serenity” in Gaelic languages. It is pronounced as “ah-LAH-nah”.

3. Haunani – This name means “snow beauty”. It is pronounced as “HOU-nah-nee”.

4. Haukea – It means “Snow White” and is read as “HOU-keh-ah”

5. Iolana – This name means “soaring bird”. It is pronounced as “yoh-LAH-nah”.

6. Kaia – The name “Kaia” means “sea”. It may be read as “KAH-yah”

7. Kailani – This name means “sea and sky”. It is pronounced “kei-LAH-nee”.

8. Kala – If you want a name that means “princess” or “lady-like”, choose “Kala” which is also said to be a variant of Sarah. It is pronounced as “KAH-lah”.

9. Kalea – “Kalea” means “filled with joy”, a perfect way to describe how parents feel once they see their newborn baby. It can be read as “kah-LEH-ah”.

10. Kalena – This name means “chaste” or “pure”. It is pronounced as “kah-LEH-nah”.

11. Kehaulani – This means “dew from the sky” and can be read as “keh-HOU-lah-nee”.

12. Kiana – This name means “divine and heavenly”. It is pronounced “kee-AH-nah”.

13. Lani – A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning, “Lani” means “heavenly woman” and may be pronounced as “LAY-nee”.

14. Leilani – One of the popular Hawaiian names, it also means “Heavenly woman” or “child of heaven”. It may also mean “heavenly flowers”. It is pronounced as “lay-LON-nee”

15. Leimomi –  This means “daughter of pearls”. Its pronunciation is “LAY-moh-mee”.

16. Leinani – A gorgeous name that means “gorgeous child”. It is pronounced as “LAY-nah-nee”.

17. Lilinoe – This name means “goddess of haze” and can be read as “lee-lee-NOH-eh”

18. Lilo – This is the name of one of the main characters in the Disney movie “Lilo and Stitch”. It means “generous one”. Its pronunciation is “LEE-loh”.

19. Lokelani – It means “divine rose” and is pronounced “loh-keh-LAH-nee”.

20. Luana – This name means “happiness” or “pleasure”. It is pronounced “loo-AN-a”.

21. Mahealani – A unique name that means “divine mist”. It is pronounced as “mah-heh-ah-LAH-nee”.

22. Malie – This name means “serene”. This can be pronounced as “MAH-lee”.

23. Mele – This means “rebellious woman”. It is read as “MEH-leh”.

24. Mililani – It’s a beautiful name that means “love from heaven”. It can be read as “mee-lee-LAH-nee”.

25. Moana – This name became more popular after a Disney movie with the same title was released. This Polynesian name means “from the ocean” and is pronounced as “moh-AH-nah”.

26. Momilani – This girl’s name means “pearl from heaven”. It is pronounced as “moh-mee-LAH-nee”.

27. Naia – It means “dolphin”. It may be read as “nah-EE-yah” or “NAH-yah”.

28. Nalani – This name means “quiet skies”. It is pronounced as “nah-LAH-nee”

29. Waiola – One of the beautiful tropical island baby names, “Waiola” means “violet flower” and can be read as “WIE-oh-lah”.

30. Wikolia – An interesting name with a deep meaning, this name means “woman of victory”. It can be read as “wee-koh-LEE-yah”.

There you have it. We hope that this list can help you come up with the perfect Hawaiian name for your baby girl.

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